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A highly regarded columnist with a worldwide audience, Art (Arthur) Buchwald became friendly with Robert F. Kennedy and his family during Kennedy’s years in the Senate. Already a well-known political satirist who had first made his name as an expatriate humorist and celebrity journalist in Paris, Buchwald was a regular visitor to Hickory Hill, the Kennedy home in Virginia, beginning in late 1964. Always careful to keep his distance from the politicians whom he satirized, Buchwald’s first acquaintance was with Mrs. Ethel Kennedy, but as he would later say “the Kennedys do envelop you and take you into their bosom.” Within a short time, Buchwald became a personal friend of Robert F. Kennedy and took part in many of his social, nonpolitical projects and activities. Mindful of the need to maintain an independent viewpoint, Buchwald curtailed his relationship with Kennedy during the latter’s presidential campaign, although the two men remained on good terms.



1925 Born, Mount Vernon, New York

1942 Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps

1945 Discharged with the rank of sergeant; late in the year, enters the University of Southern California

1948 Leaves the university without a degree and moves to Paris, begins writing for Variety

1949 Begins writing “Paris after Dark,” a nightlife column for the New York Herald Tribune

1951 Adds a second column “Mostly about People,” again in the Tribune. The next year, the two columns begin to be published together in the U.S. Returns to the United States and settles in Washington, D.C., reworks his column as satirical political commentary

1982 Awarded the Pulitzer Prize for commentary

2007 Died


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