JFKWHP-KN-20384-A (crop): Swearing-in Ceremony for August Heckscher, Special Consultant on the Arts, 8 March 1962

August Heckscher served as President Kennedy's Special Consultant on the Arts. He received this appointment in March 1962 and held it part-time, while simultaneously directing the Twentieth Century Fund of New York. Mr. Heckscher, the first White House Cultural Adviser, defined his three main responsibilities as: (a) to set up the general framework of the office and secure a full-time successor; (b) to prepare a report for the president on government and the arts; and (c) to establish an advisory council on the arts. When Mr. Heckscher resigned from this post in June 1963, he felt that these goals he had set for himself and the position had been accomplished.





1913 September 16, Born, Huntington, New York

1936 B.A., Yale University

1939 M.A., Harvard University

1939 - 1941 Instructor of Government, Yale University

1941 - 1945 Office of Strategic Services

1946 - 1948 Editor, The Citizen Advertiser, Auburn, New York

1948 - 1956 Editorial Staff, New York Herald Tribune

1957 - 1962 Arts Commissioner, New York City

1957 - 1967 Director, Twentieth Century Fund

1962 - 1963 Special Consultant on the Arts for President Kennedy

1965 Member, New York State Council on the Arts

1967 Administrator of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs and Commissioner of Parks of New York City

1997 Died