JFKWHP-AR6873-C (crop): President Kennedy Attends Mass at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Honor of All Saints Day (Pictured Right: Special Assistant to the President Dave Powers), 1 November 1961

As one of President Kennedy’s closest friends and confidants, Dave Powers was a natural fit for the role of presidential aide. Although he had no input in policy decisions, Mr. Powers has been described as President Kennedy’s favorite "storyteller, baseball authority, political statistician, and traveling companion." Following the assassination, Mr. Powers often visited Georgetown, at Jacqueline Kennedy's request, to have lunch and read stories with John F. Kennedy, Jr. Mr. Powers also stayed on for a year as White House Assistant to President Johnson. In 1965, Mr. Powers left Washington to join the staff of the proposed Kennedy Library in Boston, eventually serving as museum curator until his retirement in 1994.




1912 Born, Charlestown, Massachusetts

1946 Member, John F. Kennedy Congressional Campaign

1961-1963 Special Assistant to President John F. Kennedy

1964 White House assistant to President Lyndon Johnson

1965-1994 Museum curator, John F. Kennedy Library

1998 Died


Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye (with Kenneth P. O’Donnell and Joe McCarthy), 1972.


The Boston Globe, March 28, 1998, Copyright 1998 Globe Newspaper Company