Harry S. Truman Presidential Library (source): David E. Bell (crop), Director, Bureau of the Budget (1961-1962), undated

David Elliot Bell joined the incoming administration at the close of 1960, when President-elect Kennedy appointed him Director of the Bureau of the Budget. Mr. Bell promptly began formulating the new administration’s economic policy against the backdrop of the Eisenhower/Kennedy transition. Some of his tasks included mapping out legislative proposals and strategy and reviewing proposals made by other government agencies. At the end of 1962, President Kennedy appointed Mr. Bell to become Administrator of the Agency for International Development. In this position, Mr. Bell developed foreign aid programs and legislation, lobbied for funds, and fought budget cutbacks. In the summer of 1966, Mr. Bell left the government to become executive vice president of the Ford Foundation, a private institution that works toward aiding underdeveloped nations.



1919 January 20, Born, Jamestown, North Dakota

1939 B.A., Pomona College, California

1941 M.A., Harvard University

1942 Staff member, Bureau of the Budget

1942-1945 United States Marine Corps

1943 November 17, married Mary Louise Barry

1947-1951 Staff member, Bureau of the Budget; Special Assistant to President Truman

1951 Administrative Executive and speechwriter to President Truman

1952 Speechwriter, White House Liaison for Adlai Stevenson Campaign

1961 Director of the Bureau of the Budget

1962 Administrator for the Agency of International Development

1966 Executive Vice President of the Ford Foundation

2000 Died

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