Wisconsin Historical Society (source): John A. Gronouski (crop), United States Postmaster General (1963-1965), undated

John A. Gronouski replaced J. Edward Day as Postmaster General on September 30, 1963 and held the position until 1965. Gronouski is well known for expanding the ZIP code system, instituting a vertically organized and improved mail delivery system, and reclassifying first class mail as priority class. Following his tenure as Postmaster General, Mr. Gronouski served as United States Ambassador to Poland from 1965 to 1968.

1919 Born, Dunbar, Wisconsin

1942 B.A., University of Wisconsin

1942-1945 Navigator, Eighth Air Force

1947 M.A., University of Wisconsin

1955 Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

1959 Research Director, Wisconsin Department of Taxation

1959 Executive Director, Revenue Survey Commission

1960 Wisconsin State Commissioner of Taxation

1963-1965 Postmaster General

1965-1968 Ambassador to Poland

1996 Died