JFKWHP-AR6295-2S (crop): Special Assistant to the President for National Security McGeorge Bundy, 25 January 1961

After serving in U. S. Army intelligence during World War II, McGeorge Bundy worked as an assistant to former Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson. Though he considered himself a Republican, then Harvard Dean of Faculty, Mr. Bundy was disillusioned with 1960 Republican candidate Richard Nixon, and organized support for Kennedy among academics and scientists. Bundy was appointed Special Assistant to the President for National Security in 1961. He was considered one of the "best and brightest" of President Kennedy's circle of advisors and cabinet members. Following President Kennedy's assassination, Mr. Bundy stayed on as President Johnson's National Security Adviser, and was best known for his role as a supporter of the American military effort in Vietnam. He resigned in 1966 to become President of the Ford Foundation.



1919 Born, Boston, Massachusetts

1940 A.B., Yale University

1941 Junior fellow, Harvard University

1941-1946 Served, United States Army

1946-1947 Assistant to Henry L. Stimson

1948-1949 Political Analyst, Council on Foreign Relations

1949-1951 Visiting Lecturer, Harvard University

1951-1954 Associate Professor of Government, Harvard University

1953-1961 Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University

1954-1961 Professor of Government, Harvard University

1961-1966 Special Assistant to the President for National Security

1966- President, Ford Foundation

1996 Died


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