PX-86-8 (crop): Orville L. Freeman, Secretary of Agriculture (1961-1969), undated

Former Governor of Minnesota Orville Freeman was appointed Secretary of Agriculture in 1961, and held the position until 1969. After Minnesota senator Hubert Humphrey had dropped out of the race for the 1960 Democratic nomination, Mr. Freeman had endorsed Senator Kennedy. In an effort to secure the important Minnesota delegate vote, the Kennedy campaign asked Mr. Freeman to deliver Kennedy’s nomination speech at the Democratic National Convention. After winning the election, President Kennedy returned the favor by appointing Freeman to his cabinet. Freeman served effectively as Secretary of Agriculture, and expanded his department’s jurisdiction. Some of his notable achievements include establishing a feed-grain reduction program, expanding the Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act, and forging a wheat deal with the Russians in 1963.



1918 Born, Minneapolis, Minnesota

1940 B.S., University of Minnesota

1941-1945 Served, U.S. Marine Corps

1945-1949 Assistant to Minneapolis Mayor Hubert Humphrey

1946 LL.B., University of Minnesota

1946-1948 Secretary, Minnesota Democratic Farm Labor Party

1948-1950 Chairman, Minnesota Democratic Farm Labor Party

1947-1955 Lawyer, Larson, Loevinger, Lindquist, and Freeman

1955-1961 Governor of Minnesota

1961-1969 U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

1970-1984 President, Business International Corporation

2003 Died


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