JFKWHP-AR6295-B (crop): Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, 25 January 1961

Pierre Emil Salinger first served as Senator Kennedy’s Press Secretary and later as his Press Officer in the 1960 presidential campaign. In 1961 he was appointed White House Press Secretary and held this position through 1964, when he resigned to run unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate. More recently, Mr. Salinger had served as Chief Foreign Correspondent for ABC News, and had authored several books, including works of fiction.






1925 Born, San Francisco, California

1943-1946 Served to Lieutenant junior grade, U.S. Naval Reserve

1946-1955 Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle

1947 B.S., University of San Francisco

1952 Press Officer, Stevenson for President Campaign

1955-1956 Contributing Editor, Collier’s

1956 Press Officer, Stevenson for President Campaign

1956-1957 Assistant News Editor, House and Home

1957-1959 Investigator, U.S. Senate Labor Rackets Committee, Washington, D.C.

1959-1960 Press Secretary to Senator John F. Kennedy

1961-1963 Press Secretary to President Kennedy

1963-1964 Press Secretary to President Lyndon B. Johnson

1964 U.S. Senator from California (appointed to fill vacancy)

1965-1968 Vice President for International Affairs, Continental Airlines

1965-- President, Fox Overseas Theatres

1968-- President, Gramco Development Corporation

1973-1979 Roving Editor, L’Express, Paris, France

1979-1983 Chief of Paris bureau, ABC News

1983-- Chief Foreign Correspondent, ABC News

2004 Died


A Tribute to John F. Kennedy (editor, with Sander Vanocur), 1964.
With Kennedy, 1966.
An Honorable Profession: A Tribute to Robert F. Kennedy (editor with Edwin Guthman, Frank Mankiewicz, and John Seigenthaler), 1968.
On Instructions of My Government, 1971.
Je Suis un Americain, 1975.
La France et Le nouveau Monde, 1976.
Venezuelan Notebooks, 1979.
America Held Hostage: The Secret Negotiations, 1981.
Reporting U.S.-European Relations(with Michael Rice, Jonathan Carr, Henri Pierre, and Jan Reifenberg), 1982.
The Dossier (With Leonard Gross), 1984.
Above Paris: A New Collection of Aerial Photographs of Paris, France (author of text), 1984.
Mortal Games (co-author with Leonard Gross), 1988.
Secret Dossier: The Hidden Agenda Behind the Gulf War (co-author with Eric Laurent), 1991.
Tempete du Desert: Les Secrets de la Maison Blanche, 1991.
P.S., A Memoir, 1995.
John F. Kennedy, Commander in Chief: A Profile in Leadership, 1997.


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