JFKWHP-AR6966-B (crop): President Kennedy Meets with Vice Chancellor Ludwig Erhard of West Germany (Pictured: President Kennedy and Walter Heller, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors), 8 January 1962

Before joining President Kennedy's administration, Walter Heller served as a tax analyst in the U.S. Treasury department, where he helped design the withholding system for federal income taxes. When Heller was appointed Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors in 1961, he had worked to spark national economic growth--a significant goal of President Kennedy’s New Frontier. Mr. Heller expanded the role of his Council, testifying before Congress and speaking publicly on behalf of the administration. He also stayed on as President Johnson’s Chief Economic Advisor, devising the 1964 federal tax cut that stimulated a period of national prosperity.




1915 August 27, born, Buffalo, New York

1935 B.A., Oberlin College

1938 M.A., University of Wisconsin

1941 Ph. D., University of Wisconsin

1941-1942 Instructor, University of Wisconsin, Madison

1942-1946 Fiscal Economist, U.S. Treasury Department

1946-1950 Associate Professor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

1947-1948 Chief of Internal Finance, U.S. Military Government in Germany

1950-1967 Professor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

1951 Member, Economic Cooperation Administration Mission on German Fiscal Problems

1955-1960 Fiscal Advisor to Governor of Minnesota

1960 Tax Advisor to King Hussein and Royal Commission of Jordan

1961-1964 Chairman, President’s Council of Economic Advisors

1965-1969 Consultant, Executive Office of the President

1965-1969 Member, U.S. Treasury Committee on Internal Monetary Arrangements

1967 Regents’ Professor of Economics

1974 Member, Federal Energy Office advisory panel

1974-1977 Advisor to President Gerald Ford

1987 Died


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