July 25, 1963

Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future. It is a real tragedy that in an era of vast technological progress and scientific achievement millions of children should still suffer from lack of medical care, proper nutrition, adequate education, and be subjected to the handicaps and uncertainties of a low-income, substandard environment.

Through the years, the efforts by the United Nations Children's Fund to meet this great challenge and alleviate such needs have met with a remarkable measure of success. Our own children and adults who have contributed to this work, mostly through the UNICEF's Halloween and greeting card programs, can be proud of the results of their generosity.

At a time when UNICEF's endeavors encompass more than 500 programs for children and mothers in 116 countries, much remains to be done. I urge all Americans to respond once again in a spirit of charity and good will to UNICEF's appeal this fall.

John F. Kennedy