Time schedule for wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery
November 11, 1961

10:56 AM:  President arrives at Memorial Gate, Arlington National Cemetery
10:58 AM:  President arrives North Entrance to Amphitheater, greeted by General Gavan, Mr. Gleason and Mr. Stirling
10:59 AM (20 sec):  Presidents starts up North Walk
11:00 AM (30 sec):  President arrives on Plaza
11:00 AM (45 sec):  President takes position in front of Tomb Four. Ruffles and Flourishes and National Anthem
11:02 AM:  National Anthem Complete. Order Arms Complete.
11:02 AM (20 sec):  Wreath-Laying Complete
11:02 AM (35 sec):  Muffled Ruffles Complete
11:03 AM (5 sec):    Tape Complete
11:03 AM (35 sec):  30-Second Prayer Complete
11:04 AM:  President enters Trophy Room
11:08 AM:  President goes to Amphitheater Stage with Mr. Stirling, Mr. Gleason and General Gavan
11:11 AM:  President's Speech