Below is a listing of John F. Kennedy's personal book collection while living at 122 Bowdoin Street, Boston. For more information please contact or 617.514.1629.

List of books

The Florentian 
The Lex
St. Sebastian's Country Day School 
God's Middlemen
Air Mail Subsidy Separation
Financial Report to the Board of Overseers of Harvard College 
The Harvard Crimson 1873-1948
The World of David Dubinsky 
The Record of America
Things Catholics are Asked About 
Oh Yeah?
The Monroe Doctrine and World Peace 
Our Enemy, The State
Elizabeth: The Tudor Princess
The Labour Party Annual Report, 1934 
Second Spring
Elizabeth Page
The Man versus The State 
Return of the Traveller 
Strangers Everywhere
We or They 
Pennsylvania 1651-1756 
20,000 Miles
To the Lighthouse 
The White Tower 
George Canning 
A. Lincoln
A Bell for Adano 
A Walk in the Sun 
The Little Ships 
George Washington--Image and the Man 
The Day of the Saxon
No Bugles Tonight
What About the Airship? 
Young Ireland
The Garretson Chronicle 
Of Lena Geyer
Official Directory-61st Congress, 2nd Session-January, 1910 
Cheiro's World Predictions
The British War Blue Book 
Pan American Economics 
Speaking From Vermont 
Labor's Risks and Social Insurance
Kristin Labransdatter - Volume 1 - The Bridal Wreath
The Last Lords of Ormond
Illyrian Spring
Economics in One Lesson 
Cyrus Hall McCormick 
The Wounded Don't Cry 
The Histories and Poems of Shakespeare
Selections From the Writings and Speeches of William Randolph Hearst 
Property Life Insurance
Mission to Moscow 
A Century of Service--The Massachusetts Mutual Story 
Economy in the National Government
Speaking of Change 
Germany and Her Jews 
Catholic Mind 
Rasputin--Neither Devil Nor Saint 
Historic Quincy, Massachusetts--1957 
Melrose, Massachusetts--1900-1950 
Kristin Labransdatter - Volume II - The Mistress of Husaby 
Kristin Labransdatter - Volume III - The Cross
The Fall of the Russian Empire 
Call the Lady Indiscreet 
Brave Companions
Addresses 1935 - 1941 
Many-colored Fleece
The Last Lords of Ormond 
War, Peace and Change 
The Battle of Cassino 
Fiftieth Annual Meeting - Life Insurance Association of America - 1956 
Guns or Butter
The New Testament in English 
The Principles of Organization 
London is a Place
The Control of Business Cycles 
What I Think
Major Campaign Speeches of Adlai E. Stevenson 
The Firestone Story
The Hermit of Lebanon - Father Sharbel
The Cabinet of Irish Literature - Volume I through IV 
Liberal Magazine - 1932 through 1938
Dominations and Powers
Gleanings and Memoranda - Volume LXXV - LXXVIII 
The Civil Survey 1654 - Volume ii
The World Dollar Problem 
A Journal of Reparations 
Money and Banking
Arabian Nights - Volume I - III 
Foreign Affairs - October, 1957 
Andover - What It Was - What it Is 
The Deceivers
A Chance to Live
Ideas, People and Peace - Chester Bowles 
Gate of Heaven
Changing Opinions 
Man On Fire
Boston University Law Review - Spring, 1960 
The Beacon
The Romance of Boston Bay 
The Pilgrim Fathers
Of Plymouth Plantation 1620 - 1647
Acts and Resolves of Massachusetts - 1961 
Thesaurus of Anecdotes
The Haggadah
Reader's Digest - Volume 3 - 1957
Acts and Resolves Passed by the General Court of Massachusetts During the Session of 1961
The Hidden Persuaders 
The Problem of Cyprus 
The Scapegoat
The Economics of Trusteeship in Somelia 
Off My Sea Chest
Ward 13 - 1947 
Danger! Money at Work 
Communist Banditry in Malaya 
Civil Defense of National Security
Vital Agriculture in Great Britain, Denmark and the Argentine
Officers Reports and Proceedings of the Sixty-fifth Annual Convention of the Massachusetts Federation of Labor
Council of Economic Advisers - Third Annual Report to the President - Dec. 1948 
Official Labor Record of the Massachusetts Legislature - 1947-1948 Session
The New England Economy - A Report to the President
Joint Report of the Executive Council and Officers of the Massachusetts Federation of Labor
Midyear Economic Report of the President - Transmitted to the Congress July, 1948
Election Statistics - 1946
Final Proceedings 1947 - Ninth Constitutional Convention of the Congress of Industrial Organizations
1948 Proceedings - Tenth Constitutional Convention
Proceedings of the Fourth Constitutional Convention of the United Steelworkers of America
Federal Supply Management - (Overseas Survey)
Annual Proceedings - The American Legion Department of Massachusetts - 1960 
Annual Proceedings - The Marine Corps League Department of Massachusetts 1957 and 1958
Annual Proceedings - AMVETS - Department of Massachusetts - 1959
Annual Proceedings - Veterans of Foreign Wars - Department of Massachusetts 1959
Annual Proceedings - Disabled American Veterans - Department of Massachusetts 1958
Election Cases in Massachusetts - 1853-1885
Proceedings of the Electoral College of Massachusetts - December 19, 1960  Annual Report of the Commissioner of Corporations and Taxation for the Year ending June 30, 1949
The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Fifty-sixth Directory of Labor Organizations in Massachusetts, 1961 
Seventeenth Annual Report of the Commission on Interstate Cooperation June, 1956
Thirty-sixth Report - Judicial Council of Massachusetts for 1960 
Report of the Attorney General For the Year Ending - June 30, 1959 
Forty-fifth Report on the Statistics of Municipal Finances For the Year Ending December 31, 1956
Historical Data Relating to Counties, Cities and Towns in Massachusetts 
The Liquor Control Act
Election Statistics - 1957
Reports of Contested Election Cases in the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the Years 1923-1942