"In this time of great crisis all Americans are with you. Name the battle post. I am yours to command."  --Telegram to President Roosevelt after the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 1941

"After all, my wife and I have given nine hostages to fortune. Our children and your children are more important than anything else in the world. The kind of America that they and their children will inherit is of grave concern to us all."  --Radio address endorsing Roosevelt's third term, October 1940.

"There are only two pursuits that get in your blood-politics and the motion-picture business."  --Remark to a friend. Quoted in Time magazine, August 12, 1940.

"The measure of a man's success in life is not the money he's made. It's the kind of family he has raised."  --Told to Harold Martin for The Saturday Evening Post, 9/7/57.

"The generation that follows me many have to stand for everything that I stood against - and I realize that includes my own sons. I made my choice among philosophies offered when I was young. Each of them will have to make his or her choice." --Quoted in Joseph F. Dineen, The Kennedy Family, 1959.

"There are no accidents in politics."  --Remark to a reporter, 1960.

"I have a strong idea that there is no other success for a father and mother except to feel that they have made some contributions to the development of their children."  --Letter following John F. Kennedy's election as President.