FY P16 (crop): Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., President of the Columbia Trust Company, c. January 1914



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Ambassadorship to the Court of St. James: Appointed January 7, 1938; arrived in Great Britain on March 1, 1938. Resigned November 6, 1940 after outspoken anti-war remarks.

Birth: Sept. 6, 1888, in a house on Webster Street in East Boston.  

Children: Joseph, Jr. (7/25/1915–8/12/1944); John (5/29/1917–11/22/1963); Rosemary (9/13/1918–1/7/2005); Kathleen (2/20/1920–5/13/1948); Eunice (7/20/1921–8/11/2009); Patricia (5/26/1924–9/17/2006); Robert (11/20/1925–6/6/1968); Jean (b. 2/20/1928); Edward (2/22/1932–8/25/2009).

Columbia Trust Co., President of: Named President on January 20, 1914 at age 25.

Death: Died at 11:05 am in Hyannis Port on November 18, 1969. Private Funeral held at Hyannis Catholic Church, Cardinal Cushing officiating. Buried at Holyhood Cemetery, Brookline, MA.

    Assumption School through 7th grade, then Xaverian School. 
    Boston Latin School, 1901–1908, where he was a poor student but excelled in extracurricular activities, especially baseball.
    Harvard College, 1908–1912

Fore River Shipyard of Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp. in Quincy, MA: Became assistant general manager in 1917; Met then Secretary of the Navy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

Foundation, Joseph Kennedy, Jr.: 
    Address: Suite 203, 1701 K Street, Washington, D.C. 20005 
    Phone: 202-331-1731

Hayden-Stone Co., a Boston investment banking firm: Named to Board 5/29/1917. Named manager of Boston office June, 1919.

Hollywood: Began career with the purchase of Film Booking Offices of America in February 1926. Leaves Hollywood with an estimated fortune of $5 million in 1930.

Jimmy Fund Gift: 1953

Liquor business: Entered 1933

Maritime Commission: Assumed duties as Chairman on April 19, 1937.

Marriage: Married Rose Fitzgerald on 10/7/1914 in the private chapel of William Cardinal O'Connell in Boston, with the Cardinal officiating.

Massachusetts Electric Co.: Elected trustee in 1917.

Parents: Patrick Joseph Kennedy (born 1/14/1858, died 5/18/1929) and Mary Hickey (born 12/6/1857, died 5/20/1923). 


Riverdale, NY: Moved family to Riverdale in 1924.

Roosevelt, relationship with: Supported FDR and played a key role in convincing William Randolph Hearst to switch the California delegation vote to Roosevelt on the 4th ballot at the Democratic convention in Chicago, June 1932.

Securities and Exchange Commission: Became first chairman of the newly created commission on July 2, 1934.

Social Security Number: 053-18-4530

Stroke: Suffered at home in Palm Beach on December 19, 1961.