Ernest Hemingway Photograph Collection

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Hemingway's personal photograph collection contains over 11,000 images plus six childhood scrapbooks.  It was donated to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library by his widow, Mary Hemingway. The collection is organized in series covering family photos and major places or events of importance in Hemingway’s life.

The Library also collects other Hemingway materials, including photographs, moving images, and sound recordings. We have a very small collection of archival footage featuring Ernest Hemingway, as well as documentaries about the author and televised dramatizations of his books. We also have a limited number of sound recordings that include interviews about Hemingway, readings of his books, and several recordings of Hemingway speaking.

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Mother's Scrapbooks

Grace Hall Hemingway created and annotated six scrapbooks to document her son Ernest’s first eighteen years of life, long before he became a Nobel Prize winning author. There is a sixth scrapbook made by Grace Hall for Ernest’s grandparents (Grandparents’ Scrapbook) that has yet to be digitized.

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  • Below are digital renditions available for download as PDFs; click on the scrapbook title or icon to download the PDF.
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Ernest Hemingway with sister Marcelline at 5 1/2 months old (EHSB1 page 30-31)

Scrapbook, Volume I: 1899-1901


A Record of Ernest Miller Hemingway’s Baby Days, Book I: From birth to 23 months old. 103 pages. (13MB)

Ernest Hemingway as a baby in a bowl. Photo on a 1903 Christmas card. His mother's caption: "Ernest Miller made this and other Christmas presents, all himself..Just how he used to have a bath.." (EHSB2 page 48b-49b)

Scrapbook, Volume II: 1901-1904


Ernest Miller Hemingway, Book II: From 1 year 11 months old, to 5 years 5 months old. 100 pages. (15MB)

Ernest Hemingway's children's drawing. His mother's caption: "This is a Bobby Chipmunk running. Done by Ernest 5 1/2 years old" (EHPH-SB3-016_017)

Scrapbook, Volume III: 1904-1909


Ernest Miller Hemingway, Book III: From 5 years 5 months old (Dec 1904), to 9 years 6 months old (Jan 1, 1909). 100 pages. (9MB)

EH10062P Ernest Hemingway feeding a stuffed squirrel at 11 years old, Feb 1911 (EHPH-SB4-014_015)

Scrapbook, Volume IV: 1909-1914


Ernest Miller Hemingway, Book IV: From 9 years 6 months old (Jan 1909), to 15 years 5 months old (Dec 21, 1914). 100 pages. (23MB)

EH10616P Small portrait of Ernest Hemingway on a page beside a similar portrait of his sister, Marcelline. Their mother's caption: "The Frerian + The Old Brute" (EHPH-SB5-062b_63)

Scrapbook, Volume V: 1914-1917


Ernest Miller Hemingway, Book V: From 15 years 5 months (Dec 21, 1914), to 18 years old (July 21, 1917). 65 pages. (20MB)