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Friends of Ernest Hemingway Collection Newsletter  

John F. Kennedy Library Newsletters

  • Summer 2007 (pdf): Ernest Hemingway's letters to Actress Marlene Dietrich made Available for the First Time p. 18-19; Patrick Hemingway Presents to 2007 PEN/Hemingway Awards p. 20
  • Fall 2006 (pdf): Yiyun Li Receives the 2006 Hemingway/PEN Award, p. 23
  • Winter/Spring 2005 (pdf): Kennedy Library Forums Draw Growing National Audience- Valerie Hemingway "Life with the Hemingways," p. 21
  • Fall 2005 (pdf): Chris Abani Receives Hemingway/PEN Literary Award, p. 18
  • Winter 2003 (pdf): Kennedy Library Works Toward Preservation of Hemingway Papers in Cuba, p. 14
  • Summer 2002 (pdf): Literary Awards Hosted by John F. Kennedy Library, p. 19
  • Fall 1999 (pdf): Two-Day Hemingway Conference Examines Writing as a Craft, p. 14
  • Fall 1998 (pdf): Literary All Stars Join Hemingway Centennial, p. 6-7
  • Spring/Summer 1998 (pdf): Hemingway/PEN Award Ceremony Fills Smith Center, p. 11
  • Summer 1997 (pdf):Ceremony Honors Hemingway and Winship Award Winners, p. 10

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