Hemingway Vertical File

Articles about Ernest Hemingway that were donated to the library by various donors.  Includes:  popular articles—biography, his life, his haunts; literary articles and analysis; Reviews of his writing, biographies, and other related works—popular and literary; transcripts of speeches or recorded interviews of Hemingway scholars and publishers; and articles about the Hemingway Collection at the JFK.  The Vertical File also contains articles by the Hemingway family; interviews about the Hemingway family; unpublished manuscripts of scholarly work; and Hemingway related literary conference papers, speech transcripts, and newsletters.

Alphabetized by author’s last name, except when unknown (and then by Journal Title or Article Title).  Filed by Journal Title if journal is multiple articles in journal are on Hemingway or journal is a special issue dedicated to Hemingway  Articles in foreign languages are included in the collection and are filed alphabetically by author name. Exceptions are collections of articles that are filed under subject, exhibit, or event name, such as: "Dietrich, Marlene Press Coverage & JFK Presidential Library & Museum Press Release;" "The Hemingway Centennial;" and "Italian Articles." 

A comprehensive item list does not exist.