Press Conference, 11 April 1962
11 April 1962
1 audio tape/reel (31 minutes)
Public Domain
Sound recording of the President’s News Conference of April 11, 1962 (News Conference 30). The President begins the press conference by criticizing the simultaneous increase of steel prices by United States steel and several other major United States steel producers shortly after the Steelworkers Union had agreed to negotiate non-inflationary contracts. He then briefly announces that following a review of military strength the decision has been reached to release National Guardsmen called to involuntary active service and that he has created a Board of Inquiry to inquire into the issues involved in a labor dispute in the West Coast maritime industry. Following the announcements the President answers questions from the press on a variety of topics including the steel price increase and the possibility of wage-price controls in the steel industry.
Department of Defense. Defense Communications Agency. White House Communications Agency. (1962 - 06/25/1991)

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