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    Jim Grant Bolling Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 3/1/1966
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection1 March 1966

    Bolling discusses her work on John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign, on patronage requests at the beginning of the Kennedy administration, and on education and Medicare legislation as a congressional liaison, among other issues.

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    Floyd M. Boring Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 2/25/1976
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection25 February 1976

    Boring discusses John F. Kennedy’s (JFK) trip to Lyndon Baines Johnson’s ranch in Texas after the election in 1960, advance work that Boring did for JFK’s international trips, and refutes media claims about JFK’s extramarital affairs, among other issues.

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    John E. Byrne Oral History Interview - JFK #2, 9/16/1969
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection16 September 1969

    Byrne discusses how he became an advance man for John F. Kennedy’s (JFK) November 1963 trip to Texas, arrangements in Fort Worth, Texas for a short public appearance and a Chamber of Commerce breakfast for JFK, and JFK’s assassination, among other issues.

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    James T. Corcoran Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 3/8/1976
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection8 March 1976

    Corcoran discusses advance work on John F. Kennedy's (JFK) November 1963 trip to Texas, conflict within the Texas Democratic Party prior to JFK’s assassination, and JFK’s role as a campaigner for the Democratic Party, among other issues.

  • Oral History Interview (this link takes you to the interview summary and, if available, the electronic transcript)
    Jill Cowan and Priscilla Wear Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 3/16/1965
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection16 March 1965

    In this interview they discuss their article in Look magazine; personal recollections of President John F. Kennedy's [JFK] assassination; working on JFK’s 1960 presidential campaign; JFK’s campaigning style; JFK’s relationship with the press, White House staff, and his family; and JFK’s trips to Nassau, Europe, and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson’...

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    Sid Davis Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 2/10/2003
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection10 February 2003

    Davis discusses the 1960 presidential campaign, John F. Kennedy’s assassination and Lyndon B. Johnson’s swearing in, and the press coverage of the White House, among other issues.

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    Myer Feldman Oral History Interview - JFK #6, 4/10/1966
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection10 April 1966

    Feldman discusses counting votes and meeting with delegates at the Democratic National Convention, the Texas delegation, and choosing Lyndon B. Johnson as vice president, among other issues.

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    Olin Teague Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 3/15/1977
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection15 March 1977

    This interview focuses on Teague’s relationship with John F. Kennedy (JFK), JFK’s congressional career, and Teague’s contributions to JFK’s presidential campaign, among other issues.

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    Jack J. Valenti Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 5/25/1982
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection25 May 1982

    This interview focuses on Lyndon Johnson’s relationships with John and Robert F. Kennedy, his role as vice president, President Kennedy’s trip to Texas, and the plane ride following the assassination, among other issues.

  • oral_w_trans_audio
    Thomas Grey "Tom" Wicker Oral History Interview - JFK #2, 3/22/1966
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection22 March 1966

    In this interview Wicker discusses John F. Kennedy's [JFK] unique way of giving speeches; Lyndon B. Johnson’s unhappiness with his position as Vice President; Anthony J. Celebrezze’s appointment to the Cabinet, 1962; Wicker’s sources for Kennedy Without Tears; traveling with JFK to Texas in November, 1963; the motorcade through Dallas on November 2...

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