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    Galvin, John T.: Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 5/15/1964
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection15 May 1964

    Galvin discusses working with JFK on veterans’ housing, JFK as a young congressman, and Lodge’s campaign team, among other issues.

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    Javits, Jacob K.: Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 4/26/1966
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection26 April 1966

    In this interview Javits discusses first meeting John F. Kennedy [JFK] in 1946; working with JFK in the House of Representatives on housing and veterans issues and in the Senate on different pieces of legislation; the confrontation between Javits and JFK in the Senate on medicare; social interactions with Senator JFK; JFK’s occasional “offbeat posi...

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    Quigley, Thomas J.: Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 6/8/1964
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection8 June 1964

    This interview focuses on John F. Kennedy’s 1946 campaign for Congress and his efforts on behalf of disabled veterans throughout his political career, among other topics.

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    Lewis H. Weinstein Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 6/3/1982
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection3 June 1982

    Weinstein discusses fundraising for John F. Kennedy’s [JFK] congressional and presidential campaigns, JFK’s position on Jewish issues, and JFK’s interest in housing and veterans, among other issues.

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