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  • Collection (this link takes you to the collection's overview and its finding aid, if available)
    K. Dun Gifford Personal Papers

    Legislative assistant to Senator Edward M. Kennedy (1967-1970); national Presidential campaign assistant to Senator Robert F. Kennedy (1968). Memoranda, correspondence, speeches, schedules and other campaign materials.

  • Digitized Collection (this link takes you to the collection's overview and finding aid, with links out to the digitized content)
    Edward M. Kennedy Senate Files

    Senate papers 1960-2009. Brother of President Kennedy. Senator from Massachusetts (1962-2009). Constituent case files, staff files, correspondence, administrative files, local issue files, campaign files, news clippings, press releases, speeches, and audiovisual materials.

  • oral_w_trans
    David W. Burke Oral History Interview - RFK #1, 12/8/1971
    Robert F. Kennedy Oral History Collection8 December 1971

    Burke discusses Edward M. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy’s (RFK) relationship in the Senate, and differences between the operations of their Senate offices; the Vietnam War; long deliberations about whether or not RFK should enter the 1968 presidential race; and RFK’s 1968 campaign, among other issues.

  • Oral History Interview (this link takes you to the interview summary and, if available, the electronic transcript)
    Bryce N. Harlow Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 2/17/1977
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection17 February 1977

    In this interview Harlow discusses hearing about John F. Kennedy’s assassination and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s death, in 1963 and 1945 respectively; the possibility of a recorded interview or oral history with former President Richard M. Nixon; and Nixon comforting Senator Edward M. Kennedy after the Chappaquiddick incident in 1969, among other issue...

  • oral_w_trans
    Claude E. Hooton, Jr. Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 3/24/1966
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection24 March 1966

    In this interview Hooton discusses personal relationship with the Kennedy family, and JFK’s campaign in West Virginia, among other issues.

  • oral_w_trans
    Jacob K. Javits Oral History Interview - RFK #1, 6/19/1970
    Robert F. Kennedy Oral History Collection19 June 1970

    In this interview Javits discusses initial encounters with and impressions of Robert F. Kennedy [RFK]; RFK as Attorney General and judicial appointments; RFK’s 1964 Senate campaign; working with Senator RFK and issues between RFK and Javits in the Senate; the “many capacities” of RFK; RFK’s public speaking ability; and Bedford-Stuyvesant, among oth...

  • Oral History Interview (this link takes you to the interview summary and, if available, the electronic transcript)
    Robert F. Kennedy Oral History Interview - JFK #2, 4/13/1964
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection13 April 1964

    In this interview Robert F. Kennedy [RFK] discusses the 1961 Berlin crisis; American forces, military and diplomatic, in Germany; John F. Kennedy’s [JFK] recommendation for Americans to have fallout shelters; nuclear testing; problems with the Department of State; the start of the conflict in Vietnam, 1961; the Department of Justice under RFK and ...

  • oral_w_trans_audio
    John E. Nolan Oral History Interview - RFK #1, 7/17/1970
    Robert F. Kennedy Oral History Collection17 July 1970

    In this interview Nolan discusses discussions of the possibility of Robert F. Kennedy [RFK] running for President in 1968; helping plan RFK’s trip to Eastern Europe in 1967 and opposition to the trip; Nolan’s trip to Vietnam; RFK’s decision not to visit Vietnam; working with Senator RFK; the Tet Offensive, 1968, and changing views of the Vietnam Wa...

  • Digitized Photographic Image
    ST-36-2-63. President John F. Kennedy with Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Other U.S. Senators
    White House Photographs18 January 1963

    President John F. Kennedy meets with United States Senators. Left to right: Senator Edward M. Kennedy (Massachusetts); Senator Frank Church (Idaho); Senator John O. Pastore (Rhode Island); Senator Edmund S. Muskie (Maine); President Kennedy; Senator Herman E. Talmadge (Georgia); Senator Gale W. McGee (Wyoming). Oval Office, White House, Washingto...

  • Digitized Sound Recording
    "Face Off" Kennedy's 25th Year in the Senate, 19 November 1987
    Edward M. Kennedy Senate Files19 November 1987

    Sound recording of the radio program "Face Off." Senator Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy of Massachusetts and Senator Alan K. "Al" Simpson of Wyoming discuss Senator Kennedy's 25 years of service in the Senate, including his commitment to dealing with the federal budget deficit. The episode aired on Thursday, November 19, 1987, on the Mutual Broadcasting S...

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