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  • Digitized Collection (this link takes you to the collection's overview and finding aid, with links out to the digitized content)
    United States Secret Service Records

    Records 1961-1963. White House Police gate/post logs and attached notes showing names of people visiting the White House and the Executive Office Building, staff members with whom they had appointments, and their arrival and departure times; White House Police daily record books of the movements of the President and his family, groups coming to th...

  • oral_w_trans
    Joseph W. Alsop Oral History Interview - RFK #3, 10/29/1971
    Robert F. Kennedy Oral History Collection29 October 1971

    Alsop discusses his relationship with Robert F. Kennedy, the Civil Rights movement, counterintelligence, and Vietnam, among other issues.

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    Gerald A. Behn Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 2/24/1976
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection24 February 1976

    Behn discusses the Secret Service before, during, and after the Kennedy administration, among other issues.

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    Richard M. Bissell Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 4/25/1967
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection25 April 1967

    Bissell discusses the planning for the Bay of Pigs invasion, including the timing of when John F. Kennedy learned of the plans, the Joint Chiefs of Staffs’ involvement in the planning, and the possibility for alternate outcomes, among other issues.

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    Richard M. Bissell Oral History Interview - JFK #2, 7/5/1967
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection5 July 1967

    Bissell discusses the Bay of Pigs invasion and its aftermath, including the decision not to support the invaders with air strikes, and investigations by the CIA Inspector General and General Maxwell D. Taylor, among other issues.

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    Floyd M. Boring Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 2/25/1976
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection25 February 1976

    Boring discusses John F. Kennedy’s (JFK) trip to Lyndon Baines Johnson’s ranch in Texas after the election in 1960, advance work that Boring did for JFK’s international trips, and refutes media claims about JFK’s extramarital affairs, among other issues.

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    Robert I. Bouck Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 6/25/1976
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection25 June 1976

    Bouck discusses John F. Kennedy’s tape recording systems within the White House, among other issues.

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    McGeorge Bundy Oral History Interview - JFK #4, 3/13/1972
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection13 March 1972

    Bundy discusses documents relating to military aide, Vietnam, and the coup against Diem.

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    Joseph V. Charyk Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 10/1/1968
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection1 October 1968

    Charyk discusses the Air Force programs that continued from the Eisenhower Administration to the Kennedy Administration, members of the U.S. military command, and the B-70 and RS-70 aircraft programs, among other issues.

  • oral_w_trans
    Joseph S. Clark Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 12/16/1965
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection16 December 1965

    Clark discusses John F. Kennedy as a senator, Senate infighting, Kennedy Administration legislation, urbanization problems, and the 1960 Democratic convention, among other issues.

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