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    Elie Abel Oral History Interview - JFK #2, 4/10/1970
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection10 April 1970

    Abel discusses his 1966 book The Missile Crisis, and the role the media played during the Kennedy Administration, among other issues.

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    Joseph W. Alsop Oral History Interview - RFK #1, 6/10/1971
    Robert F. Kennedy Oral History Collection10 June 1971

    Alsop discusses his relationship with Robert F. Kennedy, the appointment of vice president after President Kennedy’s assassination, and Robert Kennedy’s relationship with President Johnson, among other issues.

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    Wesley Barthelmes Oral History Interview - RFK #1, 5/20/1969
    Robert F. Kennedy Oral History Collection20 May 1969

    Barthelmes discusses relations between Robert F. Kennedy's (RFK) senate office and different news outlets and reporters, RFK’s personality and eccentricities, and his rapport with different groups that he spoke to, among other issues.

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    Wesley Barthelmes Oral History Interview - RFK #2, 6/2/1969
    Robert F. Kennedy Oral History Collection2 June 1969

    Barthelmes discusses press relations, trips that Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) took to Latin American and Africa, and RFK’s presidential campaign in Oregon, among other issues.

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    Charles L. Bartlett Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 1/6/1965
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection6 January 1965

    Bartlett discusses his role in introducing Jacqueline Bouvier to John F. Kennedy (JFK), JFK’s relationship with Lyndon Baines Johnson, and JFK’s Cabinet appointments, among other issues.

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    Edwin R. Bayley Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 10/10/1968
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection10 October 1968

    Bayley discusses the 1960 primary and presidential campaigns in Wisconsin, including Governor Gaylord Nelson’s role in the campaigns; the 1960 Democratic National Convention; forming the Peace Corps administration and mission; and attempts to fix the Kennedy Administration’s public image, as well as to improve the operations of the White House Pres...

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    Jack L. Bell Oral History interview - JFK #1, 4/19/1966
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection19 April 1966

    Bell discusses his contacts with and impressions of John F. Kennedy (JFK) as a senator, JFK’s relationship with Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson, and JFK’s assassination, among other issues.

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    Berl I. Bernhard Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 6/17/1968
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection17 June 1968

    Bernhard discusses the often contentious relations between the Commission on Civil Rights, John F. Kennedy’s White House, and the Justice Department, especially after a report and recommendations that the Commission made about Mississippi, among other issues.

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    Leonard Bernstein Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 7/21/1965
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection21 July 1965

    Bernstein discusses John F. Kennedy’s (JFK) inauguration, public and private dinners he attended at the White House, and humorous anecdotes about his interactions with JFK and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, among other issues.

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    Simeon S. Booker Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 4/27/1967
    John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection27 April 1967

    Booker discusses African Americans’ disappointment with and distrust of John F. Kennedy (JFK) due to his lack of action on civil rights in Congress; his experience with the 1960 Kennedy-for-President campaign, JFK and Robert F. Kennedy's awareness of civil rights during the Presidency.

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