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  • Digitized Museum Artifact
    Ship Model of the Frigate "Melpomene"
    John F. Kennedy Museum Collection1775-1825

    Ship model of the 44 gun French frigate of the line "Melpomene." This model was crafted by a prisoner of war during the French Revolutionary or Napoleonic wars. The bow has a warrior figurehead.

  • Digitized Museum Artifact
    Whale Tooth Inset with Silver Lidded Box
    John F. Kennedy Museum Collectionca. 1925

    Polished undecorated whale tooth inset with a rectangular silver lidded box monogrammed with the letter "A." The silver box has an English hallmark for the town of Chester. The maker's mark is indeterminate. Imprinted "Barretson-Piccadilly."

  • Digitized Museum Artifact
    Scrimshaw Desk Accessory
    John F. Kennedy Museum Collection

    Desk accessory with 3 pieces of scrimshaw affixed to a wooden base. First, the whale tooth scrimshaw is engraved with a scene of a sperm whale upending a long boat and five sailors overboard, inscribed "A dead whale or a stove boat." Second, a section of whale tooth scrimshaw is engraved with the meeting of the Amagiri and the PT 109 before collisi...

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