The Annual Fund

President Kennedy inspired a generation to find common purpose through challenge and opportunity. Each year, the JFK Library and Museum carries on his legacy, and brings history to life for hundreds of thousands of students and visitors through interactive educational programs and public forums.

Your gift today will help inspire a new generation to answer President Kennedy’s “Ask Not” call to our country and the world. Your contribution will help us:

  • Reach and unite millions of Americans through JFK's words and wisdom
  • Educate tens of thousands of students every year through the history of JFK's achievements and the lessons of his Presidency
  • Bring President Kennedy’s inspiration to all 50 states through educational resources, podcasts, and Forum broadcasts
  • Inspire leaders of today and tomorrow with our annual Profile in Courage Award

With your support, the Kennedy Library Foundation will help new generations become inspired by JFK’s vision for political courage, equality, service, peace, and innovation. Donate today, and together we can carry forward President Kennedy’s enduring ideals of peace, innovation, and public service to tomorrow’s leaders for the next hundred years and beyond.

Make your gift today.

What can my donation accomplish for President Kennedy’s legacy?

Your gift of:

  • $250 can provide free transportation to the JFK Library for 18 underserved students to participate in educational programming.
  • $3,000 can bring 3 world-class speakers to the JFK Library for a free public forum.          
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All gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Tax ID # 04-6113130