Our special events staff can assist you with all the steps necessary to confirm an event at the Library.

How to get started:

1. Reserve the date: Please contact our staff and review dates to see if the date you are interested in is available. We can place a hold on a date for a maximum of two weeks.

2. Send a letter of intent: Before the two-week period has elapsed, draft a letter of intent, on your organization’s letterhead, outlining the following:
  • Briefly describe your organization and its mission
  • State the purpose of your event
  • Indicate the date, time and approximate number of guests
  • List any speakers, performers, films or programs that will be part of your event.

Please forward this letter to:

Director of Special Events
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
Columbia Point, Boston, MA 02125

3. Schedule a Site Visit: Please call us at 617-514-1582 and make an appointment to see the facility and to discuss the event details.

4. Submit a Permit Application and Deposit: In order to confirm your date, it is required that you complete a Permit Application and remit a nonrefundable deposit of 50% of the facility fees. The date is not confirmed until the Library receives the following items:
If the date you are holding is requested by another organization, we provide three business days for you to confirm by submitting the Permit Application, Letter of Intent and deposit or the date will be released to the next organization.

Pavilion Place Setting

Pavilion Place Setting

Pavilion place setting