Tips on Using the New Finding Aid

At the top of the finding aid, you’ll see links to the main sections of the document. This allows you to navigate directly to the series list or the container list.


At the series list, choose the link for the section you would like to view.


For example, selecting “The Sun Also Rises” will bring you to the item list for that book manuscript. Click on the plus mark (+) next to each entry to expand the description and view additional information about each item, where applicable. Clicking the same button again will collapse the description note.

Expanding the item will also reveal its identifier, such as EHPP-MS28-001 in the example below. This number combines the collection code, the box number, and the folder number.

EH Finding Aid tips 4

At the top of the finding aid, directly under the heading “Container List,” there is a button that expands all item descriptions at the same time. Click on the plus mark (+) next to “Expand / Collapse All” to open every item description in the finding aid. NOTE: Due to the large amount of data being processed, this action may take few moments to complete.


Once all the items are expanded, you can perform a keyword search of the entire collection at once. Press Ctrl+F to bring up your browser’s search box, then type in the term you would like to find. In the example below, we did a search for “Fitzgerald” and it has found this name 52 times throughout the finding aid.

You can also do keyword searches without expanding all the items, but this will only find words contained in folder titles and item titles. It will not find terms within the hidden descriptions.


Additional questions? Please feel free to ask a reference archivist.

Click here to download a PDF version of these tips.