Interlibrary Loan for Oral Histories

Interlibrary loan of oral history interview transcripts

The Kennedy Library lends copies of most of its oral history interview transcripts through interlibrary loan. Learn more about the Oral History Program and collections.

Libraries may submit ILL requests for their patrons by emailing them directly to the Kennedy Library. The ILL procedures are as follows:

Please email ILL requests to the Reference staff at:

Please include the following information: borrowing library name and address, ILL contact information, the patron’s name, and the name and date of the desired transcript(s), (e.g., Byron R. White Oral History Interview - JFK #1, 9/2/1964). Patrons may request up to eight transcripts at one time.

Patrons must use the materials at the borrowing library (LIBRARY USE ONLY) and the borrowing library must return the materials to the Kennedy Library by the date provided in the letter from  Reference staff (approximately 30 days from the date the order was processed).

If a patron would like to keep materials longer than 30 days, please notify the Reference staff at Patrons will be granted one renewal per order as long as the items requested are not in demand.

Please return materials via insured mail to: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Interlibrary Loans, Columbia Point, Boston, MA 02125.

If damage or loss occurs, the requesting library will be charged $0.80 per page (rate set by the National Archives) for replacement copies made by Kennedy Library staff.

For more information please contact