General information about reproduction services

The Kennedy Library provides photocopy and digital reproduction services at fees set by the National Archives (see fee schedules below); we ask that all fees be paid in advance of processing orders. Self-service photocopying of textual materials is also available in the Main Research Room at a reduced rate (currently $0.25 per page).

The Kennedy Library now provides digitization-on-demand services for both textual and audiovisual collections. In the case of textual collections, we scan entire folders rather than single documents – a process that is generally faster, cheaper, and more preservation-friendly than the photocopy service (see photocopy and digitization fees below). The scanned folders are delivered to researchers electronically (as pdfs) and then made freely available on the website. We strongly encourage researchers to make use of the Library's digitization-on-demand service.

Please make note of the following reproduction policies:

  • Orders are filled on a first-paid, first-processed basis.
  • Orders placed on-site are given preference over mail orders of the same date.
  • We accept personal checks, money orders, or credit cards, and ask that all payments be made in U.S. currency. Foreign checks and money orders must be drawn on a branch of a U.S. bank.
  • We send mail-order copies via regular mail; alternate shipping may be arranged at the researcher's expense.
  • We reserve the right not to process orders for researchers with outstanding or unpaid balances at the Library or any other NARA facility.

For more information please contact

Reproduction services: textual & microfilm materials

Fee rates:

  • Self-service photocopying and microfilm printing: $0.25 per page
  • Photocopying or microfilm printing performed by Library staff: $0.80 per page ($20.00 minimum per order)
  • Low-resolution scans (including scans from microfilm): $0.80 per page; priced capped at $40.00 per folder
  • High-resolution scans (textual materials, only): $26.00 per page (newly- or pre-scanned TIFF or JPG)

Reproduction services: audiovisual materials

Fee rates (not including usage fees); other formats may be available upon request:

Still Images

  • Pre-scanned, low-resolution images are free
  • $0.80 per photocopy
  • $23.00 per black and white 8x10 print
  • $26.00 per high-resolution scan (newly- or pre-scanned TIFF)
  • $31.75 per color 8x10 print

Moving Images

  • $11.50 per DVD-quality file. Digital specs: MPEG-2 .m2v video, AC-3 audio (48kHz/192 kbps)
  • $11.50 per Web-quality file. Digital specs: MP4: H.264 video (2400 kbps), AAC audio (128 kbps)
  • $40.00 per DV25 file. Digital specs: Quicktime (.mov) wrapper, DV25, 720x480, 29.97 fps, 8 bit, Interlaced, Bottom Field First, Lossy Compression, NTSC; audio PCM, 48 khz/16 bit
  • $83.50 per ProRes file (pre-digitized). Digital specs: ProRes 422 (HQ), 1920x1080 Pillarboxed, Picture frame 1440x1080, Square pixels, 23.976 fps (progressive), Uncompressed PCM audio, Audio sampling rate 48 kHz, Audio bit depth 24 bits
  • $125.00 per DPX file (pre-digitized)

Sound Recordings

  • $11.50 per digital audio file (.wav or mp3)

Important information regarding reproduction of audiovisual materials:

  • When requesting a reproduction, please refer to the item's accession number or digital identifier, if it is known.
  • Items that are in the public domain may be reproduced without permission.
  • To receive reproductions of copyrighted materials, you may first need to seek written permission from the copyright holder. In some cases, AV Reference staff can provide you with contact information for copyright holders. However, please know that you assume all responsibility for ensuring that copyright is protected and that all necessary permissions are secured in writing prior to publishing materials from the Library's holdings.
  • Please consult the copyright guidance page for more information about copyright of audiovisual materials.

For further assistance, please contact the AV Reference staff at