Scrapbooks and albums: "Guest Log", Hyannis Port, 1940-1947

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Scrapbooks and albums: "Guest Log", Hyannis Port, 1940-1947
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This guest book contains signatures and handwritten notations in black or blue ink and pencil from visitors to the Kennedy family home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, from 1940 to 1947, including friends, family, and associates. The front cover features the engraved title, “Guest Log,” as well as a printed list titled, “Rules of This Tavern.” Those who signed the guest book include: George S. Seabury; Nancy Tenney; Cyrus R. “Cy” Taylor; Phyllis “Phyl” Childs; Blair Clark; Eben W. Pyne; Charlotte McDonnell; Marie Murray; Richard J. “Dick” Cotter; John “Johnny” Coleman, Jr. (also known as “Zeke”); Kirk LeMoyne “Lem” Billings; Danuta Zoltowska; Nelson Macy, Jr.; Muriel “Mew” Macy; Torbert Macdonald; Frazier L. O’Leary, Jr.; David O. Puckett; Phil Perabo, Jr.; Tom Killefer; Lenore Conway; Max O’Rell Truitt; Rosalind M. Fitzgerald; Joseph F. “Joe” Timilty; Mary Jo Gargan; Paul J. Chase; Harriet “Etsie” Wells; Robert W. “Mac” Macnamara; Peggy Edgerton-Bird; Peter L. “Pete” MacLellan, Jr.; James A. “Jim” Reed; Leonard “Lenny” Thom; George H. R. “Barney” Ross; Julia Read; Catherine “Kay” Thom; Ewell Sale; Diana Mowrer; Mary Cremmen; Walter J. Cummings, Jr.; Lydia Langer; Louise Tinsley “Tinnie” Steinman; Edith “Edie” Klugh; Mark J. Dalton; Peter W. Hoguet; Dean F. Markham; Mila Leslie Carolan; Betsy Flynn; Leo M. Flynn; Marjorie Cummings; Leonard Cummings; Wallace J. “Wally” Flynn; Cleo A. O’Donnell; Nicholas “Nick” Rodis; Thomas H. “Chip” Gannon; Edward “Ned” “Wewey” Dewey; Helen Sullivan; James F. “Jim” Noonan; Kenneth P. “Ken” O’Donnell; Charles R. “Chuck” Glynn; Alison “Ally” Pyne; and John T. “Jack” Fallon.
1 visitors' book (76 pages; 9.016 x 6.535 x .787 in)
Kennedy Family Collection
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Copyright John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. Kennedy Family Collection. Scrapbooks and albums: "Guest Log", Hyannis Port, 1940-1947. KFC-075-001. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston
Ansberry, Louise Tinsley Steinman, 1922-2008
Bailey, Harriet Wells, 1922-2021
Beliard, Diana Jane Mowrer, 1923-2018
Billings, Lem (Kirk LeMoyne), 1916-1981
Brooks, Edith Klugh, 1917-?
Caldwell, Lenore Conway, 1921-2013
Chase, Paul Jerome, 1916-2003
Clark, Blair, 1917-2000
Clasby, Mary Josephine Gargan, 1932-2022
Coleman, John, Jr., 1917-2008
Coleman, Nancy Tenney, 1920-2017
Cotter, Richard J., Jr., 1918-1999
Cremmen, Mary Foynes, 1925-1975
Cummings, Leonard, 1921-2002
Cummings, Marjorie May Marshall, 1923-2009
Cummings, Walter J., Jr., 1916-1999
Dalton, Mark John, 1915-2004
Dewey, Edward, 1926-2014
Ewing, Alison Pyne, 1920-2013
Fallon, John T., 1923-2001
Flynn, Betsy Nicholls, 1923-2004
Flynn, Leo Michael, 1921-2003
Flynn, Wallace Joseph, 1924-2001
Gannon, Thomas H., 1922-1997
Glynn, Charles Richard, 1924-2010
Hapgood, Rosalind Grace Miller, 1909-1972
Harris, Charlotte McDonnell, 1920-1985
Harris, Marie Murray, 1919-1994
Hoguet, Peter William, 1914-1996
Holroyde, Peggy Joy Lucille Edgerton-Bird, 1924-2013
Irwin, Lydia Cady Langer, 1921-1972
Jenkins, Muriel Gerli, 1918-1999
Kelley, Kate Thom (Catherine Jane Holway Thom), 1920-2015
Kennedy family
Killefer, Tom, 1917-1996
Macdonald, Torbert H. (Torbert Hart), 1917-1976
MacLellan, Peter Leo, Jr., 1924-
Macnamara, Robert William, 1924-2011
Macy, Nelson, Jr., 1910-1992
Markham, Dean Ferris, 1924-1966
Noonan, James Francis, 1926-2002
O'Donnell, Cleo Albert, Jr., 1921-1985
O'Donnell, Helen May Sullivan, 1926-1977
O'Donnell, Kenneth (Kenneth P.), 1924-1977
O'Leary, Frazier Lewis, Jr., 1908-1993
Perabo, Phil, Jr., 1921-2014
Puckett, David Oliver, Jr., 1920-2005
Pyne, Eben Wright, 1917-2007
Reed, James Allan, 1917-2006
Reed, Julia Read
Rodis, Nicholas, 1924-2011
Ross, Barney (George Henry Robertson), 1918-1983
Seabury, George Semler, 1917-1986
Stenson, Mila Leslie Carolan, 1927-
Stewart, Ewell Sale, 1923-1987
Swift, Phyllis Childs, 1919-1994
Taylor, Cyrus Robinson, 1917-1944
Thom, Leonard, 1917-1946
Timilty, Joseph Francis, 1894-1980
Truitt, Max O'Rell, 1904-1956
Zoltowska, Danuta (Countess Cis Maria), 1919-2004
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1 visitors' book (76 pages; 9.016 x 6.535 x .787 in)
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Bound Volume
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