Jasmine Davenport (2022)

Executive Director, Our Climate

Jasmine Davenport (formerly Sanders) is a climate scientist, strategist, advocate and native of Monroe, Louisiana. Guided by her southern roots and seeing the impact of climate change on the Gulf Coast, Davenport has been a passionate environmental advocate for over a decade.

In 2020, Davenport was named Executive Director of Our Climate, which empowers young leaders to advocate for equitable and science-based climate policy. Since 2014, the organization has trained and mobilized young people across the country to advance state-level policies that sharply reduce emissions and ensure a just transition to clean energy. Young leaders trained through Our Climate contribute to state campaigns by creatively organizing their communities, sharing their stories with wide-reaching media outlets, and connecting with decision-makers. Since its national campaign launched in 2016, Our Climate has empowered hundreds of students through our leadership development programs, contributed to state climate policy campaigns, and built support for holding polluters accountable.

In 2021, under Davenport’s leadership, the organization mobilized more than 10,000 young leaders to become powerful advocates for equitable, science-based climate policy in their communities, held 142 events and trainings to help spread awareness of climate justice and empower the next generation of climate leaders, and completed more than 40,000 legislative actions to build momentum for climate justice policy.

Watch the 2022 New Frontier Award ceremony.