JFK and the Muckers Club

c. 1934

About the Puzzle

As a teenager, JFK attended the Choate School, a private boarding school in Connecticut. Comments from teachers show a student who had potential, but lacked discipline, organization, and interest in his studies. As such, he got poor grades on his reports (he notably got C pluses - and once a C minus - in his public speaking classes!).

With some of his fellow students, young Jack formed a group called the Muckers Club, getting the term from their headmaster, who used it to describe boys he thought were “troublemakers”. He and his friends were once nearly expelled from school for their pranks.

Going into his final semester, JFK wrote to his father that he and Lem, his friend and fellow Mucker, had "been talking about how poorly we have done this quarter, and we have definitely decided to stop any fooling around."

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