Cuban Missile Crisis Chronology

October Day of the Week Covered by Tape # Events
14 Sunday * First clear U-2 flight. JFK in New York after Midwest campaign trip.
15 Monday * U-2 photos processed; JFK returned to DC & visited by Ben Bella of Algeria.
16 Tuesday 28, 28A JFK informed of read-out results of photos; first NSC meeting on missile crisis; visit of Crown Prince of Libya; Walter Shirra & family received at White House; Kennedys dined at Joseph Alsop's in evening.
17 Wednesday * Gerhard Shroeder (German foreign minister) visited; JFK to lunch at Libyan embassy; JFK attended national day of prayer commemoration at St. Matthew's; JFK Connecticut for campaign trip in afternoon; back to DC in evening
18 Thursday 30-31 Third NSC meeting on Cuba; Cabinet meeting; Eisaku Sato (Japanese minister for trade and industry) visited; meeting with Andrei Gromyko (USSR foreign minister).
19 Friday 31 JFK met with JCS prior to campaign trip to Cleveland, Springfield, Chicago
20 Saturday * JFK back to DC; meetings at White House in afternoon, evening.
21 Sunday * JFK to mass at St. Stephen's; missile crisis meetings
22 Monday 32-33A Milton Obote visited; NSC meeting; Meeting with legislative leaders; Radio & television report to the people; Letter to Khrushchev.
23 Tuesday 34-35 Khrushchev response & JFK reply; meetings on crisis; proclamation of quarantine signed
24 Wednesday 35-37 Quarantine in place; ships turn back; Khrushchev message; Franco Nogueria of Portugal visited; meeting with legislative leaders.
25 Thursday 38 JFK message to Khrushchev; meetings on crisis
26 Friday 39 BK Nehru calls to discuss Sino-Indian border clash; Long message from Khrushchev
27 Saturday 40-41A Ambassador from Trinidad calls; Duke & Duchess of Devonshire call; 2nd Khrushchev letter received; meetings on crisis; JFK reply to earlier Khrushchev message.
28 Sunday * Khrushchev accepts terms of JFK message; JFK to mass at St. Stephen's; NSC meeting; JFK to Glen Ora in afternoon and back to White House in evening; acknowledged Khrushchev message.
29 Monday 42-43 NSC meetings; Philippine ambassador called.

*No tape these days