A Night to Remember

The Kennedys Honor The Governor of Puerto Rico with an Historic Concert



On November 13, 1961, President and Mrs. Kennedy hosted a State Dinner for the governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Muñoz Marín, and his wife, Inés Mendoza de Muñoz. The Kennedys invited a world-renowned musician to perform at the event. The concert made history and was one of the most memorable musical events of the Kennedy presidency. What made it a historic concert? Why was the evening so memorable? Who was the musician and where was the person from? 

Explore this interactive picture book to learn the story of this historic concert, the importance of the arts in the Kennedy White House, and the power of music to strengthen commitments to peace and freedom. 




Download the picture book: A Night to Remember: The Kennedys Honor the Governor of Puerto Rico with an Historic Concert.

Download the Answer Key.

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