Workshop Descriptions

From Head and Heart: Caring for the Environment through Science, Stories, and Action

Climate Justice: An Introduction for Teachers

Presented by Jennifer Feller, Senior Climate Educator and Statewide K12 Director of Mass Audubon

Are you curious what is really meant by "climate justice"? Are you interested in helping students explore the intersection of public health and climate change? Join us as we explore developmentally appropriate, solutions-oriented tools for understanding and addressing issues of climate change through a lens of socio-economic impact. This workshop is designed for those teaching 5th-8th graders, but open to anyone interested in climate justice.

Mass Audubon: “By engaging directly with nature, our programs invite participants to think like scientists, engage in meaningful discussion about what they discover, and reflect on their connection to the environment.”

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Integrating Math, ELA, and SEL to Address Climate Change and Empower Students

Presented by Change is Simple staff: Patrick Belmonte, Co Founder; Skye Fournier, Program Director; Kylie Kean, Evaluation Coordinator and Lead Educator

In this workshop, Change is Simple will provide educators with practical strategies and tools to cultivate environmental empathy and foster a deep understanding of climate change within their classrooms. The workshop will focus on integrating subjects such as Math, English Language Arts (ELA), and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to create engaging and impactful learning experiences.

Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and collaborative exercises. They will leave with practical ideas, resources, and a comprehensive understanding of how to integrate Math, ELA, and SEL to build environmental empathy and promote a deeper understanding of climate change among their students.

Change is Simple’s Mission: “Instilling lifelong social and environmental responsibility through experiential learning that inspires action — for healthy people, planet, & community.”

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