About Hemingway at the JFK

Dr. Hilary Justice (JFK Library). Updated 10/2023.

An evolving exploration of Hemingway's life, works, and legacy

The Hemingway at the JFK digital project offers an ever-evolving exploration of Ernest Hemingway's life, works, and legacy.

This "living website" is designed to encourage the discovery and creation of connections between all aspects of Hemingway's life and writing, according to your own interest, in however much depth you choose. 

Hemingway at the JFK is designed to grow, with additional content being added to existing pages and new content rolling out in phases over the next 3-5 years.

The information you will find as you explore this site is always authoritative but should never be considered "final." New discoveries happen; new stories and editions are published; and new ways of thinking about relationships among the writer, his works, his times, and our present world are constantly emerging, shifting, and changing.

Human beings are not static; no more was Ernest Hemingway; no more are we. For better and worse, Hemingway was embedded within and in some sense a product of his own changing world. Just as importantly, and just as rightly, whatever it is we personally mean when we say "Hemingway" is in some ways a product of our own. 

You may thus encounter contradiction and challenges as you explore these pages. Hemingway is not in any way a unified field, and like all cultural figures he can be said to "belong" to each of us, individually and personally. That matters.

The content shared on these pages draws from The Ernest Hemingway Collection at the JFK Library and from an ever-expanding international network of archives, museums, libraries, and historical societies. The content on each page is written and curated by experts.

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