Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy: Her Life and Legacy

These resources guide elementary students to become biography detectives as they investigate Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy’s life. Three classroom activities feature documents, photographs, and a giant timeline.

About this Resource

Grade Level
Time Required
3-4 hours
5+ hours
Curricular Resource Type
Resource Guides / Packets
Curricular Resource Subject Area
English Language Arts
US History
Curricular Resource Topic
Biographical Resources
Curricular Standards
Common Core
C3 Framework for Social Studies
National History Standards (UCLA)
National Council of Teachers of English
Massachusetts Framework - English Language Arts
Massachusetts Framework - History and Social Science

These resources were created to help teachers and students make the most of a relatively recent addition to the Boston landscape, the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, and to learn about the remarkable woman for whom it is named. By examining documents and photographs from the Personal Papers of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, your students can become “biography detectives” and investigate Rose’s life through real historical evidence. The activities are designed to meet national and Massachusetts standards in history and language arts. The classroom activities can stand alone or they may be used to prepare students for an exciting culminating experience -- a visit to the Greenway. 

Rose F. Kennedy Teacher's Guide: (pdf) 
This booklet includes three classroom activities, background information on source materials, a biography, a bibliography, and information about the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. 

Documents and Photographs 
Twenty-four documents and photographs for classroom use. The material is organized by topic: Growing Up, Wife and Mother, Life in England, Campaigns and the White House, Legacy. The labels on documents and photographs (A1, B2, etc) are for identification – they are not part of the original. You will find classroom activities and background notes for the source material in the teacher’s guide. 

Growing Up (pdf) 

Wife and Mother (pdf) 

Life in England (pdf) 

Campaigns and the White House (pdf) 

Legacy (pdf)