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JFK35 Podcast

In JFK35, Matt Porter and Jamie Richardson of the JFK Library Foundation dig into the archives at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston and interview their colleagues, historians, filmmakers, and other experts to get a behind-the-scenes look at JFK’s life and legacy.

"Let Us Begin"

In this special podcast series, we will look at some of the President’s key trips and policy decisions from 1963 and how they continue to live on today. We will reflect on his assassination and how the generation of the 1960s reacted to it. We will also speak with the following generations about how the President remains an influential figure.

Atomic Gambit

In October 1962, the world came perilously close to nuclear annihilation when JFK learned of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba. This special podcast series, Atomic Gambit: The Cuban Missile Crisis 60 Years Later, explores the 13 days and beyond of this turning point in world history.

60/20: The Election of 1960 and Its Echoes Today

Sixty years ago, Senator John F. Kennedy campaigned for President against Vice President Richard M. Nixon. The 1960 election was one of the closest in the modern era. This special podcast series covers the 1960 campaign from the primaries through Election Night, highlighting key moments and lesser-known stories in the race leading up to the final vote.

Words Count: @JFKSaid

President Kennedy believed that words - both written and spoken - count: to inspire people, to earn votes, to set goals, to change minds, to move nations. Many of his speeches, written to confront the topics of the day in the early ’60s – civil rights, the environment, freedom of the press, gender equality, science, education, foreign relations, democracy – still hold relevance for our world today.


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JFK Moonshot app

Using the latest in augmented reality technology, we immerse users into 1969 with a full-scale recreation of the Saturn V rocket and a 5-day real-time tracking simulation of the mission and moon landing. Users can take a deeper dive into President Kennedy’s vision with interactive AR games, archival NASA footage and educational multimedia experiences. Download in the App Store or on Google Play.

JFK Challenge: Free iPad app

The free JFK Challenge app for iPad brings American history to life for kids by turning them into astronauts and Peace Corps volunteers. Fly to the moon or help people around the world with this exciting offering from the JFK Library.

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