National Security Action Memoranda (NSAMs)

Each of the 272 National Security Action Memoranda issued by John F. Kennedy or his National Security Adviser, McGeorge Bundy, is summarized here. We have linked to relevant digitized materials from the National Security Files (the primary foreign policy file maintained by John F. Kennedy’s National Security Adviser and National Security Council).

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Document Description
NSAM 1 Separate Budgeting of Spending Abroad
NSAM 2 Development of Counter Guerilla Forces
NSAM 3 Bunkering of Free World Ships Under Communist Chinese Charter
NSAM 4 Purchase of Uranium from Foreign Countries
NSAM 5 Study of the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization
NSAM 6 Plan of Reorganization of the Foreign Program
NSAM 7 Re: Contracts to Small Business
NSAM 8 Re: State of Union Commitment and Negotiations with Poland
NSAM 9 Re: General Lansdale's Story of the Counter Guerilla Case
NSAM 10 Policy for Cuba
NSAM 11 Re: Information on the Progress of Negotiations with Germans on Increasing Their Part in Aid
NSAM 12 Re: Forces in Vietnam
NSAM 13 Re: Exchange of Persons Behind the Iron Curtain
NSAM 14 Financial Assistance for Brazil
NSAM 15 Legislation for Reallocation of Sugar Quotas
NSAM 16 Economic Support for Newly Independent Areas
NSAM 17 Various 2/13/61
NSAM 18 Re: Reduction on the Amount a Tourist Can Bring into this Country Duty Free
NSAM 19 Re: Cutting Importations from Cuba to the US
NSAM 20 Re: Battle Act
NSAM 21 Re: Foreign Aid Bill
NSAM 22 Re: Fair Sharing in Foreign Aid and Military Partnership
NSAM 23 Questions Arising from Senator Smathers' Recommendation that Remaining Exports from Cuba to the US be Embargoed
NSAM 24 RB-47 Reconnaissance Flights
NSAM 25 Re: Recommendation As to Whether or Not President Should Send Letter to Iraq Government
NSAM 26 Re: Ambassador Timberlake's Notification to Turn Around Ships
NSAM 27 Overseas PX and Commissary Service
NSAM 28 Guerilla Operations in Vietnam Territory
NSAM 29 Re: Meeting with the President on South East Asia (Withdrawal sheet only)
NSAM 30 Agreement of Cooperation with Republic of Italy
NSAM 31 Memo of Discussion on Cuba
NSAM 32 US - USSR Commercial Air Transport Agreement
NSAM 33 Review of US Policy toward South Africa
NSAM 34 Memo on Moroccan Bases Dated 3/28/61 from Acting Secretary Bowles
NSAM 35 Deployment of IRBM's to Turkey 4/16/61
NSAM 36 Improving the Security of Nuclear Weapons In NATO
NSAM 37 Saceur Procedures for Ordering use of Nuclear Weapons 4/16/61
NSAM 38 Questions arising from CIA support of certain activities
NSAM 39 Re-Examination of Present NATO Stockpile Procedures
NSAM 40 Policy Directive Re NATO and the Atlantic Nations
NSAM 41 Military Planning for a Possible Berlin Crisis
NSAM 42 Assistance to Cuban Refugees
NSAM 43 Training of Cuban Nationals
NSAM 44 Caribbean Security Agency
NSAM 45 Coverage of Castro Activities in the US
NSAM 46 Attitude of Various Governments During the Cuban Crisis
NSAM 47 Soviet Assistance to Cuba
NSAM 48 "Level of US efforts Military, Foreign, Civil Defense, Paramilitary"
NSAM 49 Possible Presidential Contingency Freedom Fund
NSAM 50 Official Announcement of Launching into space systems involving nuclear power
NSAM 51 Safety of Nuclear Weapons and Weapons Systems
NSAM 52 Vietnam
NSAM 53 Problems Related to Private International Broadcasting
NSAM 54 Service of Cuban Volunteers in US Armed Forces
NSAM 55 Relations of the JCS to the President in Cold War Operations
NSAM 56 Evaluation of Paramilitary Requirements
NSAM 57 Responsibility for Paramilitary Operations
NSAM 58 Re: Berlin
NSAM 59 Berlin
NSAM 60 US Actions in Relation to Portuguese Territories in Africa
NSAM 61 "An Effective Counter Theme to 'Peaceful Coexistence'"
NSAM 62 Berlin
NSAM 63 Policy Guidelines and Preemption of US Government Controlled Broadcasting 7/24/61
NSAM 64 "Memo for the Secretary of State from the President re: Need for Improving our Machinery for World-Wide Consultation, as hinted in the last letter from De Gaulle"
NSAM 65 Joint Program of Action with the Government of Viet Nam
NSAM 66 Re: Guidance and Welfare of Foreign Students in this Country
NSAM 67 Iran
NSAM 68 Task Force on Ryukus 8/11/61
NSAM 69 Intelligence Aspects of Nuclear Testing 8/15/61
NSAM 70 Requesting Report on Commitments from our NATO to Increase Their Forces
NSAM 71 Cyprus
NSAM 72 Civil Defense Progress
NSAM 73 Saudi Arabian Arms Request
NSAM 74 Selection of Polish Exchange Students
NSAM 75 Polish Government Taxes on Relief Packages
NSAM 76 UK Membership in Common Market
NSAM 77 Use of American Made Arms in Angola
NSAM 78 Berlin
NSAM 79 Economic Negotiations with Poland
NSAM 80 Meeting on Southeast Asia
NSAM 81 US Gold Positions
NSAM 82 Allied Military Buildup
NSAM 83 New Embassy Building in Dublin
NSAM 84 Specific State Visits
NSAM 85 State Visits
NSAM 86 Command and Control Task Force
NSAM 87 Memorandum of Decisions (re Testing)
NSAM 88 Training for Latin American Armed Force
NSAM 89 Soviet Training of Ghanaian Troops
NSAM 90 Release of Melekh
NSAM 91 Expediting Publications in Foreign Relations
NSAM 92 Increase of Forces in Europe
NSAM 93 Berlin Build-up
NSAM 94 Steinstueken and Friedrichstrasse Crossing Point
NSAM 95 Renegotiation of Panama Canal Treaty
NSAM 96 Volta Project-Ghana
NSAM 97 Use of US Fighter Aircraft in the Congo
NSAM 98 Ref: NSAM 71 - Cyprus
NSAM 99 Military Exercise
NSAM 100 Contingency Planning for Cuba
NSAM 101 "Follow-up on the President's Speech to the United Nations General Assembly on September 26, 1961"
NSAM 102 U.S. Policy Concerning Bases in Morocco
NSAM 103 Deployment of U.S. Military Forces
NSAM 104 Southeast Asia
NSAM 105 Policy Toward Egypt and Syria
NSAM 106 Request for Report on Proposal to Establish a U.S. Police Academy
NSAM 107 Friedrichstrasse Crossing Point
NSAM 108 Barter Program for Congolese Industrial Diamonds
NSAM 109 U.S. Policy on Military Actions in a Berlin Conflict
NSAM 110 NSAM 56 - Evaluation of Paramilitary Requirements
NSAM 111 First Phase of Viet-NAM Program
NSAM 112 Atmospheric Testing Policy
NSAM 113 Further Instructions - Atmospheric Testing Policy
NSAM 114 "Training for Friendly Police and Armed Forces in Counter-Insurgency, Counter-Subversion, Riot Control and Related Matters"
NSAM 115 Defoliant Operations in Viet-NAM
NSAM 116 Instructions from President as a result of Nov. 30 meeting re atmospheric testing
NSAM 117 Contingency Planning on Berlin
NSAM 118 Participation of US and Latin American Armed Forced in the Attainment of Common Objectives in Latin America
NSAM 119 Civic Action
NSAM 120 Intelligence on Operations in the Congo
NSAM 121 Program to Aid Moroccan Air Force
NSAM 122 "re: Norstad's response to President's request for his views on command and control procedures, etc."
NSAM 123 Policy Toward Yugoslavia
NSAM 124 Establishment of the Special Group (Counter-Insurgency)
NSAM 125 Pakistan Consortium
NSAM 126 Review of Principles and Policies Guiding the Stockpiling of Strategic Materials
NSAM 127 Emergency Planning for Continuity of Government
NSAM 128 Responses to Soviet Action Regarding Air Corridors
NSAM 129 U.S. - U.S.S.R. Cooperation in the Exploration of Space
NSAM 130 Terms of AID Development Loans
NSAM 131 Training Objectives for Counter Insurgency
NSAM 132 Support of Local Police Forces for Internal Security & Counter-Insurgency Purposes
NSAM 133 Ryukyus Action Program
NSAM 134 Report on Internal Security Situation in South America
NSAM 135 British Guiana
NSAM 136 U.S. Internal Security Programs
NSAM 137 Restrictions on East German Athletes
NSAM 138 Dean Ryerson's Recommendations re the South Pacific Comm
NSAM 139 Military Aid Program for Greece
NSAM 140 Participation of US and Latin American Armed Forces in Attainment of Common Objectives in Latin America
NSAM 141 Analysis of Frondizi's Political Reserves
NSAM 142 Re: Stockpile Committee Report
NSAM 143 Nuclear Weapons for NATO Forces
NSAM 144 Assignment of Highest National Priority to the APOLLO Manned Lunar Landing Program
NSAM 145 New Policy for the US trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
NSAM 146 Improvement of Police Training and Equipment in Newly Emerging Countries
NSAM 147 NATO Nuclear Program
NSAM 148 Guidance of US Nuclear Assistance to France
NSAM 149 Withdrawal of Certain Military Units from Forward Position in Laos
NSAM 150 Using US Military Engineers as Contracting Agents on AID Projects
NSAM 151 Re: Impasse between Japan & South Korea over issues long discussed
NSAM 152 Panama Canal Policy & Relations w/ Panama
NSAM 153 Policy Statement on Dominican Republic
NSAM 154 US NATO Alert Procedures
NSAM 155 Emergency Medical Program for Vietnam
NSAM 156 Re: Negotiations on disarmament and peaceful uses of outer space
NSAM 157 "Presidential Meeting on Laos, May 24, 1962"
NSAM 158 Contingency Plans for Berlin
NSAM 159 Methods for Improving the Coordination of Economic and Military Aid Programs
NSAM 160 Permissive Links for Nuclear Weapons in NATO
NSAM 161 U.S. Internal Security Programs
NSAM 162 Development of U.S. and Indigenous Police. Paramilitary and Military Resources
NSAM 163 Training Objectives for Counterinsurgency
NSAM 164 Re: Panama
NSAM 165 Assignment of Additional Responsibility to the Special Group
NSAM 166 Report on Emergency Plans and continuity of the Government
NSAM 167 Harassment of Autobahn Convoys
NSAM 168 Comparison of US and USSR Atomic Energy
NSAM 169 Maintaining Momentum of Makarios Visit
NSAM 170 Intelligence Collection through Audio Surveillance
NSAM 171 Dept. of Defense Actions to Reduce Its Overseas Expenditures
NSAM 172 Bilateral Talks Concerning US-USSR Cooperation in Outer Space Activities
NSAM 173 Interdepartmental Field Visits
NSAM 174 Re: Ability to detect small underground shots
NSAM 175 DOD - State Concept for Communication between National Leaders
NSAM 176 Release of Public Information Concerning Soviet Nuclear Tests
NSAM 177 Police Assistance Programs
NSAM 178 Destruction of Mangrove Swamps in South Vietnam
NSAM 179 U.S. Policy Toward Indonesia
NSAM 180 Membership of the Special Group
NSAM 181 Cuba
NSAM 182 Counterinsurgency Doctrine
NSAM 183 Space Program for the United States
NSAM 184 Countries under the Cognizance of the Special Group
NSAM 185 Approval of Additional Nuclear Tests
NSAM 186 Countries under the Cognizance of the Special Group
NSAM 187 The Barter Program
NSAM 188 Limited Benefits of Bases in Japan
NSAM 189 Presidential Meeting on Laos
NSAM 190 Approval of STORAX II
NSAM 191 Assignment of Highest National Priority to Project DEFENDER
NSAM 192 "Re: ""A Separate Arms Control Measure for Outer Space"""
NSAM 193 Re: Foreign Weapons Evaluation Group
NSAM 194 Policy Toward Non-Bloc Ships in Cuban Trade (State Memo of 10/2/62)
NSAM 195 U.S. Policy Toward Indonesia
NSAM 196 Establishment of an Executive Committee of the National Security Council
NSAM 197 Improved Procedure -- Communication to Other Countries of RD on Nuclear Weapons -- Approved Determinations
NSAM 198 Presidential Authorization for KINGFISH
NSAM 199 Loading of SACEUR Land-Based Alert Strike Aircraft
NSAM 200 Acceleration of Civil Defense Activities
NSAM 201 Establishment of Subcommittees on Communications
NSAM 202 AEC Procurement Policy for Domestic Uranium through 1962
NSAM 203 Responsibility for Port Security
NSAM 204 Special Group (Counter Insurgency)
NSAM 205 Nuclear Testing
NSAM 206 Military Assistance for internal Security in Latin America
NSAM 207 Assignment of Highest National Priority to Project CENTAUR
NSAM 208 Cuban Overflights
NSAM 209 Actions on South Asia
NSAM 210 Underground Nuclear Tests
NSAM 211 U.S. Policy Toward Algeria
NSAM 212 U.S. Policy Toward Yugoslavia
NSAM 213 Interdepartmental Organization for Cuban Affairs
NSAM 214 Participation of U.S. and Latin American Armed Forces in the Attainment of Common Objectives in L.A.
NSAM 215 Inclusion of Tactical Weapons in the Para 6 Force
NSAM 216 Study of Disclosure to Russians of U.S. Satellite Reconnaissance Capability
NSAM 217 Official Visits to South Vietnam
NSAM 218 Implementation of the Nassau Agreements
NSAM 219 Requesting continuing effort to assemble information on France-Soviet discussions and negotiations
NSAM 220 U.S. Government Shipments by Foreign Flag Vessels in the Cuban Trade
NSAM 221 U.S. Policy Toward Algeria
NSAM 222 Security Aspects of Using Submarines in a Multilateral Force
NSAM 223 Appraisal of Sino-Indian Situation
NSAM 224 Coordination of U.S. Efforts Under the Trade Relations Act
NSAM 225 Re: Balance of Payments
NSAM 226 Directive Relating to Transmittal of Information to the Watch Committee of the USIB
NSAM 227 "Decisions Taken at President's Meeting on Yemen Crisis, 25 February 1963"
NSAM 228 Review of Iranian Situation
NSAM 229 Pacific Trust Territories
NSAM 230 Assignment of Highest National Priority to Project PAL (Permissive Link for Nuclear Weapons in NATO)
NSAM 231 Middle Eastern Nuclear Capabilities
NSAM 232 Follow-up on King Hassan's Visit
NSAM 233 MLF and IANF Developments
NSAM 234 Canada Government
NSAM 235 Large-Scale Scientific or Technological Experiments with Possible Adverse Environmental Effects
NSAM 236 Sales of Military Spare parts to Yugoslavia
NSAM 237 Project MERCURY Manned Space Flight (MA-9)
NSAM 238 Atmospheric Testing 1964
NSAM 239 U.S. Disarmament Proposal
NSAM 240 MLF (Multilateral Force)
NSAM 241 Report on French Gaseous Diffusion Plant
NSAM 242 Australian Procurement of French Mirage Aircraft and Possible future military purchases by Australia from the US
NSAM 243 Survey Mission for the U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
NSAM 244 The Future of the World Sugar Market
NSAM 245 High Yield Nuclear Weapons
NSAM 246 Future Policy Toward Haiti
NSAM 247 U.S. Policy Toward Spain
NSAM 248 Dispersal Plan for NORAD Aid Defense Squadrons
NSAM 249 Laos Planning
NSAM 250 Contingency Plan for Dealing with Possible Low-Yield Soviet Atmospheric Tests
NSAM 251 Estimate of Greek Political Outlook
NSAM 252 Establishment of the National Communications System
NSAM 253 Multilateral Force
NSAM 254 Re: Test Ban Agreement
NSAM 255 Instructions Governing in Use of the Direct Communications Link Between Washington and Moscow
NSAM 256 Laos planning
NSAM 257 Aide Memoire for Greece
NSAM 258 Assignment of Highest National Priority to Program 437
NSAM 259 Aid Program for Laos
NSAM 260 "Restudy of the International Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project and the Hydroelectric Potential of the Saint John River, Maine"
NSAM 261 Assignment of Highest National Priority to Project FOUR LEAVES
NSAM 262 Yemen Disentanglement
NSAM 263 South Vietnam
NSAM 264 Multilateral Force
NSAM 265 Treatment of Soviet Bloc Fishing Vessels
NSAM 266 New Action Program for Cyprus
NSAM 267 Disaster Assistance for Skopje
NSAM 268 Report of the Survey Mission to the Trust Territories of the Pacific
NSAM 269 Procedures for Approval of Certain Nuclear Tests
NSAM 270 "Meeting with the President, 10/24/63, 10:30 a.m. re European Matters"
NSAM 271 Cooperation with the USSR on Outer Space Matters
NSAM 272 Safety Rules for Nuclear Weapons Systems