Civic Education Programs and Materials

View materials and programs designed to engage students with civic education, including campaigns and elections.

National Student/Parent Mock Election

The JFK Library is the host site for the National Student/Parent Mock Election (NSPME) for Massachusetts. This voter education program is held every two years to actively engage students in grades K-12 in state and national campaigns, and emphasize the importance of voting and the power of their ballots.

Federal Budget Simulation

In this lesson plan, high school students debate our nation’s priorities by establishing their own “simulated” federal budgets. After analyzing the FY 2019 discretionary budget, students will be asked to design a FY 2020 budget with a group of their peers.

2019 John F. Kennedy Make a Difference Award

Every year, the Kennedy Library recognizes up to 100 middle school students from across Massachusetts with the John F. Kennedy Make a Difference Award for the impact they have made in their communities through service projects.