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Newest Issue

Image of President John F. Kennedy and astronaut Lieutenant Colonel John Glenn, Jr. looking inside space capsule Friendship 7.

Issue 26 Spring 2019 New Frontiers: A reflection on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission fulfilling President Kennedy's challenge to the nation to land a man on the Moon and return him safely to Earth by the end of the 1960s is complemented with related lesson plans and invitations to upcoming programs in honor of the anniversary.  


Past Issues

Image of President Kennedy addressing reporters at a press conference, August 10, 1961.

Issue 25 Winter 2019 New Frontiers: Highlighted resources from the Kennedy Library with a focus on the First Amendment; an elementary and middle school lesson plan about citizen activism during the civil rights movement; an article with guided questions about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and the 2018 Profile in Courage Essay Contest winner.



Issue 24 Spring 2018 New Frontiers: Reflections on 1968 including online resources teachers can use related to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy in remembrance of their work and legacies in this the 50th-anniversary year of their assassinations; a high school lesson plan about the televised interviews President Kennedy gave regarding the challenges of Vietnam; and an article about Jacqueline Kennedy’s White House restoration with a related classroom activity for elementary and middle school grade levels.

Mercury hard hat 2628x2628.jpg

Issue 23 Fall 2017 New Frontiers: An article highlighting the JFK100: Milestones & Mementos with related lesson plans for each grade level – Centennial highlights and an invitation for the Profiles in Courage Essay Contest for High School Students.



Issue 22 Fall 2016: An article highlights the 1960 presidential campaign and its relevance to the 2016 election season with lesson plans for televised debates as well as announcements for specialized Centennial educational programming on the horizon - including increased prizes for the Profiles in Courage Essay Contest for High School Students

MO 96.247.4 'Kennedy for President' Campaign Button

Issue 21 Spring 2016: An article on the Museum's new exhibit exploring the life and work of Ernest Hemingway, complemented by related classroom activities; information about the spring conference for teachers and librarians, the 2016 Profile in Courage Essay Contest winner, a spotlight on student activities, and announcements for election-year programming and resources for teachers and students. 


The eight Kennedy children, Hyannis Port, 1928

Issue 20 Winter 2016: Articles on the 60th anniversary of the publication of Profiles in Courage and its legacy, the Museum's new exhibit exploring Kennedy's early life through primary sources, a persuasive letter writing lesson plan for elementary students, and announcements of the upcoming 2016 Spring Conference for educators grades 3-8 and school librarians and Hemingway exhibit.


Issue 19 Spring 2015

Issue 19 Spring 2015: An article on the US involvement in Vietnam including a lesson plan for high school students, a 1965 Department of Justice map marking voting rights violations in the South with suggestions for classroom discussion, a tribute to children's author Walter Dean Myers, and articles on the newly updated Museum's featured interactives and a new iPad app for children.


Stand Against Racism March

Issue 18 Fall 2014: An article with suggested activities on the Voting Rights Act, a lesson plan for reenacting the March on Washington, information and an activity about the Library's exhibit on the Cuban Missile Crisis, an announcement about four Kennedy Library programs at the 2014 NCSS conference, and a lesson plan on art as a civic language. 


Soviet Military Build Up Map

Issue 17 Fall 2012: An article about the Cuban Missile Crisis, including a lesson plan and web resources, and information about a related conference and traveling exhibit; and a lesson plan on campaigns and elections. 


Letter Snippet

Issue 16 Spring 2012: An article about the TAH seminar Voices from the Past; in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of John Glenn's orbital flight, a lesson plan for middle and high school students incorporating a letter about the space program; a list of lesson plans for all grade levels in the Curricular Resources section of our website that use letters as primary sources; recaps of The Presidency and Civil Rights Conference and the Federal Budget Simulation Program for high school students. 


image of jaqueline kennedy AR OK.jpg

Issue 15 Fall 2011: An article about the newly unsealed Jacqueline Kennedy oral history, strategies for how to use Oral Histories and how to explore the Digital Archives in the classroom, an article on The President's Desk interactive microsite and Resource Guide for Teachers, a recap of Crossing Borders teacher conference, and a spotlight on student awards and activities at the Library.


JFK50 logo

Issue 14 Winter 2011: A message from Caroline Kennedy, articles on the 50th anniversaries of JFK's Inauguration and the founding of the Peace Corps, a classroom activity for high school students, articles on the debut of and the digital archives at, and information on our upcoming teacher conference, Crossing Borders: Through Literature, Poetry and Personal Stories.


MO94-1906-3 Leadership for the 60's Campaign Button

Issue 13 Fall 2010: Articles and lesson plans about the first televised presidential debate for elementary, middle, and high school grades, and updates from the Kennedy campaign Twitter feed.


Essay Contest_2010_01

Issue 12 Spring 2010: An article about the special exhibit Winning West Virginia, activities for using the Kennedy presidential campaign on Twitter in the classroom, and an excerpt from the 2010 Profiles in Courage Essay Contest  winning entry.


Missing media.

Issue 11 Winter 2010: Classroom lesson plans about civil rights for elementary, middle, and high school grades; an article about the work of Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Eunice Kennedy Shriver; and an article about the Kennedy Library teacher institute, The President at Work.


President John F. Kennedy gives his Inaugural Address

Issue 10 Winter 2009: Classroom lesson plans related to the Inauguration of John F. Kennedy for elementary, middle, and high school grades; and articles about the National Student/Parent Mock Election and a Boston Public School teacher who uses the Library with his students.


1960 Presidential Election Returns

Issue 9 Spring 2008: A classroom lesson comparing the results of the 1960 presidential election with the 2008 presidential election, and articles about a Kennedy Library teacher institute, Our Government in Action, and the 2008 Student Leadership Conference



Issue 8 Winter 2008: Articles about the special exhibit, Shaping Up America: John F. Kennedy, Sports and the Call to Physical Fitness, and the Cuban Missile Crisis teacher conference; and resources for evaluating biographies with children. 



Issue 7 Spring 2007: Articles about Kennedy Library professional development, including the teacher conference, One Country, Many Voices: Cultural Connections to Our History and the Teaching American History grant-funded Cold War institute; and articles about the Election-Year Debate Program and Federal Budget Simulation Program for high school students; and an activity using a photograph to learn about a young JFK.