National Student Mock Election

Fourth graders from the Betsey B. Winslow School in New Bedford, MA participated in the 2014 Mock Election.

2022 Mock Election

What is it?

The National Student Mock Election is a program designed to teach students about the power of voting. See the results for this the 2022 Mock Election in Massachusetts below!

How does my school get involved?

The next National Student Mock Election will take place in 2024.  For questions, email



The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is the state coordinator for the National Student Mock Election for Massachusetts. This voter education program actively engages students in grades K-12 in state and national campaigns, and emphasizes the importance of voting and the power of their ballots.


2022 Mock Election

The results for Massachusetts:

Maura Healey 3,883 55.4%
Geoff Diehl 2,858 40.8%
Kevin Reed   185 2.6%
Write-ins    74 1.1%


See how Massachusetts students voted in past elections:

2020 Mock Election

Joe Biden 5,600 70.7%
Donald J Trump 2,010 25.4%
Howie Hawkins 98 1.2%
Jo Jorgensen 73 0.9%
Write-Ins 139 1.8%

2018 Gubernatorial Election

Charlie Baker (R) 63.9%
Jay Gonzalez (D) 31.5%
Write-In Candidates 1.8%

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2016 Presidential Election

Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) 24,634 50.5%
Donald Trump (R) 15,827 32.4%
Gary Johnson (L) 3,495 7.2%
Jill Stein (G-R) 2,267 4.6%
Write Ins 2,569 5.3%
  48,792 total votes

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2014 Gubernatorial Election

Charlie Baker (R) 5,544 51.0%
Martha Coakley (D) 4,735 43.5%
Write Ins* 601 5.5% 
   10,880 total votes

* This total includes votes for the three 3rd party candidates, Evan Falchuk, Scott Lively, and Jeff McCormick, and other write-in candidates.

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2012 Presidential Election

Barack Obama (D) 45,939 68.44%
Mitt Romney (R) 18,983 28.28%
Gary Johnson (L) 890 1.32%
Jill Stein (G-R) 1,314 1.95%
Write Ins 62 0.01%
   67,118 total votes

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2010 Gubernatorial Election

Deval Patrick (D) 6,289
Charlie Baker (R) 5,645
Tim Cahill (I) 2,654
Jill Stein (G-R) 1,382
Write Ins 3

2008 Presidential Election 

Barack Obama (D) 59,974
John McCain (R) 26,307
Ralph Nader (I) 1,606
Write Ins 1,052
Cynthia McKinney (G) 565
Bob Barr (L) 362
Chuck Baldwin (C) 307

2006 Gubernatorial Election

Deval Patrick (D) 8,902
Kerry Healey (R) 5,455
Christy Mihos (I) 1,781
Grace Ross (G-R) 1,546
Write Ins 0

2004 Presidential Election

John Kerry (D) 40,929
George W. Bush (R) 26,346
Ralph Nader (I) 2,850
Write Ins 223
David Cobb (G) 195
Michael Badnarik (L) 127
Walt Brown (S) 84
Michael Peroutka (C) 2

Please note that the election results should not and cannot be used as an accurate prediction, or as the basis for an accurate prediction of real election results.