Jennifer Brunner

2008 PICA Winner Jennifer Brunner with Caroline Kennedy and Edward M. Kennedy

A series of voting irregularities in several major Ohio counties that use electronic voting systems led newly elected Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to order that paper ballots be provided to any voter who requested one during the state’s March 2008 presidential primary. Furthermore, after a study of the state’s new electronic voting systems – just two years old and representing millions in public investment – found that the systems made by several major voting machine manufacturers could be compromised, Brunner called for the replacement of all of the state’s electronic voting systems with paper ballots and optical scan technology before the November 2008 presidential election. Brunner’s proposal brought pointed and persistent criticism from partisans around the state; opponents of the move objected to the cost and questioned the necessity of returning to paper ballots. For her political courage and her commitment to ensuring the enfranchisement of every Ohio citizen, Jennifer Brunner is honored with the 2008 Profile in Courage Award.