Code Names in the Kennedy White House

LancerThe President
LaceMrs. John F. Kennedy
LyricCaroline Kennedy
LarkJohn F. Kennedy, Jr.
AcrobatAndrews Air Force Base
AlphaArmy Copters-Davison Field
AngelPresidential Aircraft
CactusCamp David
CadetExec Flt Det-Davison Field
CalicoDef Comm Agency
CarpetWhite House Garage
CastleSignal Corps Shops, 26th St.
CaterCopter Operations-Davison Field
ChateauGlen Ora (Presidential retreat)
CheerCopter Operations-Anacobtia
CrownThe White House
DapperMr. O'Leary (Muggsy)
DazzleAgent Clint Hill (Lace Detail)
DigestAgent Roy Kellerman
DeaconAgent Floyd Boring, Assistant Agent in Charge, White House Detail
DominoJames Rowley, Chief, US Secret Service
DragonAgent Campion
DuplexAgent Gerald Behn, Special Agent in Charge, White House Detail
FreedomMr. Dean Rusk, Secretary of State
HamletAuchincloss home
HermitSecret Service Field Office, New York City
MarketDr. Burkley
NeptuneUSN Presidential Yacht #2
Night HawkMarine Copters-Anacobtia
NomadUSN Honey Fitz
NoviceCrash Boat PT 109
PatArmy Copters-Davison Field
RockfishVice Presidential Speed Boat
SatchelPresidential Courier (the Bagman)
SilverMr. Hays, Military Aides Office
SmokeySMAJ Duffy
SpectatorGeneral Sampson, Def Comm Agency
SpudMr. Nash Mesgr SVC WH
SubwayDo Comm Cen East End Wh
SuperMbgt Giordano
TigerColonel James Swindal, Presidential Pilot
TouristMajor Brown Mil Aides Office
TulipMbgt Magan (Corky) - Pres Pilot Ofc Mats
VolcanoJohnson ranch
VolunteerVice President Lyndon B. Johnson
WandMr. Kenneth O'Donnell
WarriorMr. Malcolm Kilduff
WatchmanGeneral Chester V. Clifton, Military Aide
WaysideMr. Pierre Salinger, Press Secretary
WebsterMr. McNally
WillowMrs. Evelyn Lincoln, President's Secretary
WingGeneral Godfrey McHugh, Air Force Aide
WinnerMr. Andrew Hatcher
WitnessCaptain Tazewell Shepard, Naval Aide