Officials of the Kennedy Administration

Vice President

  • Lyndon B. Johnson


  • Dean Rusk -- Secretary of State
  • C. Douglas Dillon -- Secretary of the Treasury
  • Robert S. McNamara -- Secretary of Defense 
  • Stewart L. Udall -- Secretary of the Interior
  • Orville L. Freeman -- Secretary of Agriculture 
  • Arthur J. Goldberg -- Secretary of Labor
  • W. Willard Wirtz -- Secretary of Labor
  • Luther H. Hodges -- Secretary of Commerce
  • Abraham A. Ribicoff -- Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare
  • Anthony Celebrezze -- Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare

Attorney General

  • Robert F. Kennedy

Postmaster General

  • J. Edward Day
  • John A. Gronouski 

Special Counsel to the President

  • Theodore Sorensen

Deputy Special Counsel to the President

  • Myer Feldman

Special Assistant Counsel to the President

  • Richard Goodwin
  • Lee C. White

Special Assistant to the President

  • McGeorge Bundy -- National Security Advisor
  • Frederick G. Dutton
  • Ralph A. Dungan
  • James M. Landis
  • Lawrence (Larry) F. O'Brien
  • P. Kenneth O'Donnell
  • Frank D. Reeves
  • Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
  • Jerome B. Wiesner
  • Harris L. Wofford, Jr.

Deputy Special Assistant to the President

  • Walt Whitman Rostow

Staff Assistant to the President

  • Dan H. Fenn, Jr.

Administrative Assistant to the President

  • Mike. N. Manatos
  • Timothy J. "Ted" Reardon
  • Henry Hall Wilson, Jr.

Press Secretary to President Kennedy

  • Pierre Salinger

Military Aides to the President

  • Brig. General Chester V. Clifton -- Army
  • Col. Godfrey McHugh -- Air Force
  • Comdr. Tazewell Taylor Shepard -- Navy

Secretary to President Kennedy

  • Evelyn Lincoln
  • Richard Bissell
  • Edwin Martin