Pets in the Kennedy White House

Mrs. Kennedy


  • Rufus, Palomino
  • Sardar, Arabian (gift of Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan, 1962)



  • Tex (gift from VP Johnson to Caroline. (3/12/1961- Middleburg, VA): Three year old gelding, Yucatan bay pony, brown with one black shoe.
  • Macaroni: Ten-year-old gelding, part Shetland, roan with four white stockings and star.

John, Jr.


  • Leprechaun (gift from the People of Ireland): Connemara pony


  • Charlie (gift of Joseph P. Kennedy): Welsh terrier
  • Pushinka (gift from Premier Khrushchev, 1961): Male parent Pushok, a participant in many ground experiments, and space dog Strelka.
  • Clipper: German Shepherd
  • Shannon (gift to First Family by admirers in Ireland, 1963): Cocker Spaniel
  • Wolf (gift from friends in Ireland, 1963): Irish Wolfhound 

Cats: Tom Kitten

Canary: Robin

Parakeets: Bluebell and Maybelle

Hamsters: Debbie and Billie

Rabbit: Zsa Zsa

Pushinka/Charlie Pups: Butterfly*, White Tips, Blackie and Streaker*

*Pushinka and Charlie's pups were given away to Midwest children when two months old. White Tips and Blackie stayed at the Kennedy home on Squaw Island and were eventually given to friends of the family.

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