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Massachusetts History & Social Science Standards

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Curricular Resources

HSS | Kindergarten, Topic 1 - Civics: Classroom Citizenship

Supporting Question: What does it mean to be responsible?

HSS | Grade 1, Topic 1 - Civics: Communities, Elections, and Leadership

Supporting Question: What does it mean to belong to or lead a group?

HSS | Grade 1, Topic 3 - History: Unity and Diversity in the United States 

Supporting Question: What does the motto, “Out of Many, One” mean and why is it a good motto of the United States?

HSS | Grade 3, Topic 1 - Massachusetts Cities and Towns Today and in History

Supporting Question: How can people get involved in government?

HSS | Grade 5, Topic 3 - Principles of United States Government

Supporting Question: How did the Constitution attempt to balance competing interests, the question of power, and ideas about slavery?

HSS | Grade 5, Topic 5 - Slavery, the Legacy of the Civil War, and the Struggle for Civil Rights for All

Supporting Question: What ideas and events of the 19th century led to the expansion of civil rights in the 20th and 21st centuries?