Access to a Legacy: Web and Digital Archives Program Partners

The major holdings from the Kennedy Presidential Library's Archives are now universally accessible through the pioneering Access to a Legacy Web and Digital Archives Project. This first-in-the-nation effort to digitize a presidential library is made possible through the extraordinary generosity of the individuals and organizations listed below:

Founding Partners

AT&T Inc. 

EMC Corp.

Iron Mountain Inc.

Raytheon Co.

Corporate Legacy Leaders

John F. Kennedy Irish Abroad Legacy Gift from the Government of Ireland

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA

Jack Manning/Boston Capital

Camrose & Kross

Staples, Inc. 

Individual Legacy Leaders

Mrs. William F. Connell and Family

Richard K. and Nancy L. Donahue

Ted Hoff and Kathleen O’Connell

Clive F. Palmer

Michael, John, and William Perik

Richard and Sally Phelps

Shari E. Redstone

Sumner M. Redstone

Participating Partners


IBM Corporation