November 22, 1963

November 20, 2023 - November 27, 2023

During the week of the 60th Anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s death and funeral, the JFK Presidential Library marked the occasion with a special temporary exhibit in the Pavilion of items from his funeral and other remembrances.

The special exhibit included reproductions of condolence mail including telegrams to Jacqueline Kennedy from Martin Luther King, Jr., Myrlie Evers, Indira Gandhi, and the widow of Officer J.D. Tippit, the Dallas policeman who was also killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.

The temporary exhibit also included the sword carried by the riderless horse Black Jack during the funeral procession to symbolize the last journey of the fallen, and Jacqueline Kennedy's handwritten notes on the funeral arrangements.

On November 22, the American flag that draped President Kennedy’s coffin was displayed.